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Happy New Year to all Race car drivers and fans.

   With the New year, we Leave  the Past behind for Better days, and the Drive that propels us to Compete. go Faster and WIN a Feature

 For 2016, The Gladiator Racing Series  will NOT be scheduling any race events because we are taking time to re-organize(More Info Below) but we want to Help promote a New Branch of Auto Enduro Racing. The Midwest Stock Car Association. This NEW Auto Racing Organization will structure itself as a Membership Club with all drivers and Fans welcome to join. Current Council Include Darryl Traber , Don Lunsford and Gerry Galloway. Races are  already Planned for 2016 at Madison International Speedway.  With the Purpose of Keeping STOCK in Stock car Racing, and Giving Back to Society through Charity. This Organization will Hold Events to raise funds for Wounded Warriors, Breast Cancer Awareness and Cancer Research, Plus many more.

 Contact  Senior President ,Gerry Galloway at 630-244-8978 or Manager, Dee Gardner at 847-363-5667.

  The Gladiator Race Series is Looking to Make a transition to Short Endurance Races in 2017. We feel  a desire for Quick action Packed events that can be held During Weekly Shows will provide the Best entertainment for Fans, drivers and Over - all Impact. 70 to 80 Lap events feature 4 different classes of cars, a winner in each class and an Over-all winner will give every driver a chance to WIN and Win Big. We still need interest in this type of racing. A Bi-weekly Traveling Series that Can have up to 10 events at different locations. dirt, asphalt or road course. If you are interested in this form of racing. Call or text Mike at 608 393-6705



Attention Race Drivers and Fans. The Gladiator Racing Series has Had to Cancel the July 4th event at the Dells Raceway Park due to Time Restraint problems associated with the EVE of DESTRUCTION ,being held at that facility, from 6pm till 10pm.
  We have re-scheduled the event at The Dells Raceway Park for Sunday afternoon, Sept 6th. If anyone has any questions, Feel free to call or text Mike at (608)393-6705
 IMPORTANT INFO. I am currently seeking input from all Former and Current Racing Drivers and Fans. Specifically: Those who would be interested being part of a Membership Council, Heading up New Development and the Future of Endurance Auto Racing. New Organizational Lead, Board of Directors,Membership Council, Rules and Guidelines. Thanks.


The Gladiator Racing Series Has CANCELLED the 80 Lap endurance race, Which was scheduled at Rockford Speedway for this Saturday Night.  We apologize for the late announcement but Due to the Lack of Pre-race, driver commitments, we were forced to cancel plans.

 Next Event: The Gladiator Racing Series will visit the Dells Raceway Park on July 4th with a 200 Lap Endurance Race.  $600 to the Over- all winner and $200 for each winner in each class if  at-least 5 cars participate in each class.. Hornet(Stock 4) , Bandit(Mod 4) Enduro style V8, Outlaw v8, and V6. (608) 393-6705. Mike.If you have any questions

                       It’s  RACE  TIME

The Gladiator Racing Series is ready to Visit Rockford Speedway On Saturday Night , May 9th with a fast paced  80 Lap Endurance Feature event. It doesn’t matter what type of car you race, 5 different classes of cars will be competing at the same time.All area drivers are welcome to JOIN.  ONE driver will be Lucky enough to survive the Pace and cross the Line first for the BIG trophy and the Over-All WIN, BUT Each of the 5 Classes will Have a distinct WINNER in that Class.  The More cars that Start the event , the Larger the Payouts will be, for each Winning driver.

 The Over-All winner , will take home no less than $250 for his effort and each Class winner will take home At-least $100. Entry fees for the event will be $50 for each car and with that entry, two pit passes will be Given. Transponders may or may not be used to provide accurate scoring for this event, this may require an additional fee.

 If anyone has any questions Contact Mike at (608) 393-6705




                                              LETS RACE , SEASON 2015


IT’S RACE SEASON and Action will be starting soon at Most of our local tracks. Many facilities will drop the green flag in April and run through September. I encourage all drivers and fans to help support their Local Tracks and Auto Racing in General, to keep the sport moving forward.


 The Gladiator Racing Series will be holding it’s First Event of 2015 at Rockford Speedway on Saturday Night May 9th with an 80 Lap endurance race on Schedule . NO qualifications, No heat races, 80 Laps from green to checkered. With ONE Over-All winner and a winner in Each of 5 Classes.  We need at least 30 DRIVERS TO START the event so I encourage anyone who is interested to Call Mike at 608 393-6705 or write an e-mail.


   All drivers, in all divisions, are invited. Whether your drive Road Runner, Hornet, Bandit, Hobbystock, or V8 Pure stock. All Cars competing must have a minimum 4 point Roll Cage .This event will Pay at Least $200 to the OVER-ALL Winner and $100 to Each Class winner, BUT All Payouts will be based on Car counts in each class . We could possibly hand out $500 to the Over-All winner if we get more than 20 Cars entered in that Specific Class .


Rockford Speedway May 9th


Dells Raceway Park July 4th&5th


Madison International Speedway Sept 11th


Slinger Speedway(Date to be anounced)


Wilmot Raceway(Date to be anounced)


         Welcome 2015 - Drivers, Fans and Race enthusiasts

    The Gladiator Racing Series is proud to be the home of some of the best Race Car Drivers in the Midwest. This Grass Roots form of Endurance Auto Racing gives every driver hundreds of laps behind the wheel at each event with the experiences it takes to overcome problems, work traffic and Survive, till the checkered flag falls.. This is Low cost, budget racing, at its best.

   For 2015,  We will be Looking for at-least 30 Cars to start each event. We are Combining with weekly Race shows at the Local tracks, racing under the lights, in 80 Laps endurance races. No pit stops, no caution flags, non-stop race action with Five different classes competing at the same time and Five different winners in victory Lane. If any drivers are interested in getting more information. Contact Mike at 608 393-6705

                 Tentative schedule still in progress.

 80 Laps Non-stop / Rockford Speedway /Saturday Night(Memorial Day weekend)

  80 Laps Non-stop / Dells Raceway Park/Saturday Night (July 4th)

 250 Lap Endurance race / Dells Raceway Park/Sunday afternoon(July 5th)

 80 Lap “Double O”/ Madison International Speedway(Date to be determined)

 80 Laps Non-stop / Slinger Super Speedway(Date to be determined)

80 Laps Non-stop / Wilmot Raceway (Date to be determined)

80 Lap Endurance race / Pecatonica Raceway(Date to be determined)




                   Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


The Gladiator Racing Series wants to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.May Today, tomorrow and the New Year be all that It can Be. With Friends and Family at your side, nothing can stop You from moving forward, chasing your dreams, and Making the best of your Life. This is the Day of Celebration, The Day, The ONE True Living GOD of the Heavens, Reached down and Shined LIGHT upon the world through Jesus The Christ Child.

   Whether you are spiritual , religious or do not Care. . Whether your life is fulfilling or incomplete, whether you are riding high or at Low  times , May you come to know The LIGHT  so that HE can be your guide  and give you peace and fulfillment in everything you do.

    I want to Thank all those who have participated with the Gladiator Endurance Racing Series over the past few years. We have continued to grow and adjust to the drivers needs in an effort to keep racing fun and affordable for all participants. We Look forward to the 2015 season. And Requests are coming in for events at the Milwaukee Mile, Black Hawk Farms , Plymouth Speedway, Columbus 151, and Sycamore speedway , Plus More. In January, We Will be coming out with more information about the Racing Series Changes, 2015 schedule  and Special events. Visit(RaceTheGladiators.com or the updates. We will see you, on Race Day.


                                       Thank YOU !!


A Special thank you to all the Race Fans and Drivers who have supported the Gladiator Racing Series over the past 4 years. The Gladiator Racing Series Management remains convinced ,This  Racing Series gives each and every driver a chance to get the Most seat time, Race experience and Enjoyment at every event without having to spend a lot of money or manipulate the rules. This is true, Grass Roots Auto Racing.  2015 will be a great year to look forward to.


  Best wishes to everyone , during this Holiday Season. Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and Have a Great start to the New Year.



                                   Drivers and Race Fans  

       Sorry to say, The Gladiator Racing Series(Tom Nevoso Memorial 100} at Wilmot Raceway has been cancelled because of Heavy Rains that swept through the area on Friday afternoon and washed the track away. The Gladiator Racing Series Management is Looking for Options to Run one more event before the year ends, Stay tuned for more Info at a later time. 9/6/14



Important Update !!!!

     The  Gladiator Racing Series Visit to Wilmot Raceway Is NOW re-scheduled for Saturday Night September 6th. The Tom Nevoso Memorial 100 Enduro will Include any and all drivers who want to Try and Tame the 1/3 mile dirt oval. Any 4 cylinder Hornet(enduro car), 4 cylinder Bandit, Super Bandit, V8 Pure Stock(enduro car) V8 Street Stock or V6 front or rear wheel drive will be able to compete. Up to 5 different Classes of cars running together, with a Winner in Each Class, along with ONE Over-all Champion for the Night. Any questions , feel free to call Mike at 608 393-6705 or Sean at 715 491-9393



The Rain Came, and the Rain Won the battle at Wilmot Raceway.


Heavy Rains over several days, with limited Sunlight, casted a temporary delay for the Tom Nevoso Memorial 100 at the Wilmot Raceway. The Tentative reschedule of the Event will be on Saturday Night September 13th.


  The Track Preparation crew worked hard all day to bring the track into a race ready condition from an overnight storm, Only to have another Heavy Rain hit the facility at 2:30pm Saturday afternoon.


   The Gladiator Racing Series Looks forward to the Reschedule date and encourages all drivers to Come out to Wilmot Raceway on September 13th to Help us remember Team Landshark and Tom Nevoso. If anyone has questions Please call Mike at 608 393-6705 or Sean at 715 491-9393.




                                                The Tom Nevoso Memorial 100


This Saturday Night, August 23. The Gladiator Racing Series Visits Wilmot Raceway for The Tom Nevoso Memorial 100. All drivers and Race fans are invited to attend this tribute to Team Landshark and Tom Nevoso. (Tom raced many years at Lake Geneva Speedway and Passed away from a Heart attack, while participating in a Gladiator race event at Columbus 151 Speedway , in 2011.) 

     Pit gates Open at 4:00pm and Race action starts at 6:45 with a complete Wilmot Raceway Saturday Night Schedule of heat races and features for 4 cylinders, street stocks and Modifieds and then The Gladiator Racing Series takes the track as the Final Cap on the night. 5 Different Classes of cars competing and Possible 20-40 Cars on the track for 100 Laps. ONE Great driver will survive the chaos and cross the finish line first, Taking home top honors and The Over-All Champions Trophy but there will be a Winner in each class. 4 cylinder Stock, 4 cylinder(Modified) Bandit, V6, V8 Pure stock and V8 Street Stock. 

   Just a Few Drivers who committed . Dave Edwards from Twin Lakes, Darryl Traber from Waterford , Jasper Drengler from Shawano , Al Bartels from Tomah, Gerry Hayes from Monee ILL. Brad Jones from Rockton ILL,, Ken Childre from New Berlin, Jesse Jollie from Sussex, along with Local favorites, Taylor Dawson from Burlington, Mertes Motorsports and Erik Nevoso driving the Team Landshark #84. 

  I hope to see you all, On Raceday, Come Help us remember Tom Nevoso and Team Landshark. If anyone has any questions, Call Mike at 608 393 6705 or Sean at 715 491 9393


 UPDATE: Rockford Speedway has declined to Re-schedule an event for The Gladiator Racing Series after two months of Negotiations. I apologize to All the Drivers and Fans.

  We are currently looking for options to add one more race before the end of the year. Stay tuned.




NEXT Event


   The Gladiator Racing Series Visits Wilmot Raceway on Saturday Night August 23. We will bring 100 Laps of Endurance Auto Racing to the 1/3 Mile dirt track, under the Lights, in front of the Weekly crowd. All drivers and fans are invited.  


    Up to 5 different Types of vehicles are expected to take a shot at the Winners Payout of $350 and the OVER-All Champion’s Trophy; Also, Each Class Winner will be assured of $150 and a Nice Piece of Hardware too. Additional Payout incentives will be based on Car counts for the night.


 The QUESTION? Which driver can handle 100 laps of ground and pound on the Always changing dirt surface? A 4 cylinder Bandit or V8 Outlaw? A Local driver or a Traveling Hot shot? Come to Wilmot Raceway on Saturday Night August 23 to find out.





300 Laps Completed, excitement in the end.  A New Face in Victory Lane. Dells Raceway Park 7/20/14


  Dave Gawronski from Reedsburg Wisconsin, piloted his 1972 Chevelle to a 1st place finish and was Over-All Champion of The Gladiator Racing Series, Sponsor Appreciation 300. 

  It was a great day for an Auto Race at The Dells Raceway Park with many new cars in the line-up. Some (Rookie) drivers in the field and 80 Year old Gerry Hayes making the trip from Joliet Il. ,To Driver the Gladiator Racing Series, Rent-a-ride, Ford Probe.

   The race went 300 Laps with limited incidents. A few flat tires, a few spin outs but no major issues even though Five different classes of cars were competing at the same time. What could have been trouble, was no trouble at all.

    The event featured two drivers: Dave Gawronski, The New Man to the Series, Driving His #99 OutlawV8, 72 Chevelle. Gawronski ran most of the race in second place, biding his time, waiting for an opportunity and in the end, Opportunity would knock on His door. He was Chasing Dave Edwards, driving His #569 OutlawV8 Monte Carlo. Edwards dominated the race throughout the day. working traffic, pacing himself, pushing hard when he needed to and relaxing when the he could.

  With under 70 laps remaining , Edwards was leading the event and in complete control ,one lap ahead of Second Place Gawronski. As he entered turn three, he came into contact with a Lapped car and Both cars spun in turn four. Gawronski was able to get by the accident cleanly and get his lap back, which was the KEY to the Win. Edwards was later involved in another accident and that too, would be a factor in the finish.

  In the end, Dave Gawronski  Crossed the Finish line first and Earned the Champions Crown, Followed by Dave Edwards and Randy Gelden in 3rd. Phil Speciale/John Miller finished 4th but took home top honors in the V8 Pure stock Class. Jasper Drengler finished 5th and took home top honors in the v6 Class, Ryan Nuti finished 6th over-all , Kyle Padfield finshed 7th and took home top honors in the Bandit Class and Justin Miekil finished 8th and took home top honors in the Hornet Class. Gerry Hayes finished 9th Allen Bartels 10th  Bill Zeman 11th ,BJ Zeman/Michael Stralan, 12th Charles Vian Jr . 13th Chris Jones 14th  Brad Jones 15th  Mark Tomasi 16th and Ross Pacana 17th

   Special thanks to all the sponors that make an effort to help the Sport of Auto Racing, Every  driver, Race fan, and promoter Can be thankful for your help because without that support, Auto racing could not survive.

Leo's Upper Dells Bar(Lyndon Station)

Brewsters Lanes(Reedsburg)

Harpers Salvage(Wisconsin Dells)

Tri-Mark Performance(Reedsburg)

Herman's Motor Clinic (Baraboo)

Napa(Baraboo & Portage)

Andrews Insurance Agency(Baraboo)




                                       ONE DAY AWAY


 The Gladiator Racing Series Visits the Dells Raceway Park on Sunday. Pit Gates Open at 10:00 am, with 12 :00 practice, Grandstands open at 1:00pm.  Drivers meeting at 1:30, Race start at 2pm. Approximate finish 5pm.


DRIVERS: Scheduled, 300 laps . ALL participants will run together, (All CAR Classes will be scored separately by Transponder. With WINNERS declared in each CLASS . The First driver to cross the Finish Line at lap 300 no matter what type of car he/she is driving, will be the OVER-ALL winner of the event and will Take Home $500 minimum. All Payouts in each class will be based on Total Car counts. $100 entry fee,(drivers who paid an entry for Rockford’s event, will have their entry fee credited for this event) Each team will receive 3 Pit passes and transponder for the event. If a team already has a transponder, $15 will be discounted from the entry fee. Additional Pit passes will be $30. This is an Endurance race event, All efforts will be made to give all participants an equal chance at WINNING, no matter what class of car ,they drive. Any questions call Mike 608 393-6705 or Sean 715 491 9393


RACE FANS:  2 for 1 pricing / $10 for 2 tickets. 7 and under get in free.  Schedule : Kids rides during the day,  (TWO seat race car rides) at 80% speed, For two lucky Fans. . The Gladiator Racing Series and The HAYES Family Racing Team will be supplying food and drink for everyone at bargain prices. Come out to the races and Lets have some fun. I look forward to seeing all of you, ON RACEDAY.



 Drivers and Race Fans


   The Gladiator Racing Series is FAST Approaching it’s 2nd event of the 2014 Racing Season at The Dells Raceway Park . On Sunday afternoon July 20th beginning at 2pm, The Green flag will drop, Featuring 300 Laps of Non-stop, fast paced action on the 1/3 mile track. It will be a BIG challenge for the drivers and the entertaining reward for the fans.


  A Call Out goes to all area drivers who want to take that Challenge with a Grand prize of at least, $500 for the first Driver to cross the finish line. All cars will compete together for 300 Laps with ONE driver taking home The Grand Prize but Also, Each Class of cars will be scored separately during the event, leaving a winner in each Bracket/Class Drivers: Whether you have a 4 Cyl. Bandit , 4 Cyl. Hornet (Stock), V6 Road Warrior, V8 Street Stock, V8 Pure Stock , or Road-Runner: the Opportunity is there for anyone to take home the Trophy and the Money. Additional Awards and Cash will be given to the Top 3 in each Class. YOU BRING IT/YOU WILL RACE IT. If you have a Car that might not Fit into a specific class or doesn’t compete weekly at a local track, we will FIT you into a Bracket with accurate transponder timing and scoring. Race Fans: With so many different types of vehicles on the track at one time, It will be an exciting race to watch. Kids rides before the event, Nascar style, full action pit stops during the race, Who will WIN it ALL, a 4 Cyl, or V8? Come and enjoy the action.


  The Gladiator Racing Series wants to thank Leo’s Upper Dells Bar in Lyndon Station, Harpers Auto Salvage in Wisconsin Dells, and Brewsters Lanes Bowling, In Reedsburg for their Sponsorship support of this event. Additional Sponsors are needed for addition to the Winning Purse.


  UPDATE: Wilmot Speedway’s 100 Lap Enduro Race is going to be Held Saturday Night August 23.  We are working on re-scheduling an event at Rockford Speedway and we are working on Final details to run a 40 Car field at BlackHawk Farms Raceway on Aug.2nd.  If anyone has any questions, Please call Mike at (608)393-6705 or Sean at (715) 491-9393


  WINNER, WINNER,We have a Winner!! The Rain Captured The Gladiator Series Endurance Challenge on Saturday night at Rockford Speedway.   


 The Scheduled Scout Night/Papa Saverio’s Pizzaria 100 was canceled due to the Bad weather that moved through Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin Saturday Afternoon. Tornado warnings and flooding problems in the area forced Many Race Tracks to cancel Saturday night programs BUT there is still Hope for another Gladiator Racing Series Event to be Held at Rockford Speedway in the future. Details of the Future Race will be released by the END of the week. Stay Tuned.


  The Gladiator Racing Series wants to Thank everyone who braved the weather and came to the track . Special thanks to Aaron Wilke for His dedicated drive from Bridgeton, Missouri, Corey Smith Who made the 7 hour trip from Cincinatti, Ohio. Al Bartels who came 3 hours from Tomah, Wisconsin and 80 year old Gerry Hayes who Came from Monee Illinois with a smile on His face. The Dedication and Commitment to Race and have Fun (No matter what the Payout is) Is part of Their Character and The Gladiator Racing Series is Glad to Honor you. Thanks again.


It’s Race-Day at Rockford Speedway. The Challenge awaits for any driver who wants to Tame the High Banks and Take home top Honors in The  Scout Night/PAPA SAVERIO’S Pizzeria 100 Gladiator Endurance Race . With 5 different class of cars running together, there will be plenty of action for both the Driver and the Race Fan. Action starts early with Rockford Speedways full race Program feature the Late Models, Short Trackers and the Illini Series Racing Midgets then, 100 Laps of Green Flag, on the edge excitement from the Gladiator Endurance drivers. Estimated 9pm Start.


Who will take home the OVER-ALL Champion’s Trophy? How will the Road Runners compete against past Gladiator Champions, Ryan Nuti and Kyle Padfield? Who will Rise to Victory?


 Come out to the Races and find out.


ONLY 2 Days Away: Driver information for Rockford Speedway’s Scout Night/PAPA SAVERIO’S Pizzeria 100 on Saturday night June 21st


  • Scheduled: 100 Laps with Pit stop/break at lap 50

  • $75 Entry Fee. Team will get Two Pit passes and One transponder

  • Drivers who have not Pre-registered or Called ahead of time will Draw a Pill for starting spot.

  • Pit gates Open at 4:00pm

  • ONE Open Practice/Test Session  at 5:40pm

  • Gladiator Racing Drivers meeting at 8:00pm

  • Estimated Race time 9:00pm

  • Cars will be inspected throughout the night and placed within a Specific Class. Hornet(stock) Bandit(More than stock)V8Pure stock, V8 Outlaw stock, and Road Runner

  • Officials will install Transponder and Holding bracket at the event

  • There will be no time trials and no heat races

  • A Team is allowed to CHANGE Drivers during the race.

    Anyone with questions  feel free to Call , Mike at (608) 393-6705 or Sean 715) 491 9393


  Saturday Night, June 21st , under the Lights and in front of the Many weekly race fans, The Gladiator Racing Series will Run a 100 Lap endurance race featuring side by side, door handle to door handle, 4 cylinder Front Wheel Drive Race Cars vs. V8 Powered Rear Wheel Drive Stock Cars. Will any V6’s join the show and try to steal the win?


  The Big question remains , Who will be crowned Over-All Champion on the night and take home the Big trophy?  Some of the early entries already signed up, include: Brad Jones, Chris Jones, Justin Mikel, 80 year old Gerry Hayes, Dave Edwards, Randy Gelden, John Miller , Phil Speciale , Carl Benn and Shawn Rickelman.


There is Plenty of room for More drivers who want to take the challenge. Five Different Classes of Cars will Take the Green Flag, Rockford Road-Runners, V8 Enduro Pure Stocks,V8 Outlaw(Anything Goes) Hobby-Stock,4 cylinder (Stock) Hornets and 4 cylinder Bandits. Plus a call out to any V6  drivers, front or rear wheel drive. There will be a WINNER in Each Class , taking home the Winners purse in that Class, A potential for any driver to Take home $200.00-$600.00(Depending on Car counts in that Specific Class)


 There will be an open Practice Session On Saturday Night for all Gladiator Competitors , Starting at 5:40 pm. Everyone is urged to get to the track  as early as Possible to take advantage of that opportunity. When each team arrives at the track on Saturday Night, They will need to Set up and Park in the North Lot section, of the Pit area. A Drivers meeting for all Gladiator competitors will be held at 8pm and all drivers need to attend, so do not worry if you have to work late . Estimated  Green Flag and RACE time is 9pm  . There will be a NASCAR style , 5 Minute Pit stop at Lap 50,for refueling / Service check  and If any team wants to change drivers, they are encouraged to do so.  


 The Gladiator Racing Series is an affordable, family oriented organization that holds true to Budget Minded races who want to keep the word, FUN, in competition. Races are held once a Month at a different track near you. We will see you ALL, on RACE DAY. Upcoming events will be :


The Dells Raceway Park, July 20th


The BlackHawk Farms Raceway on August 2nd


Wilmot Raceway on September 6th


ONLY 3 Weeks AWAY: Attention Race Drivers! The Gladiator Race Series will have an event on Saturday night June 21st, at the Rockford Speedway. A 100 lap bracket enduro.U bring it, U RACE IT. WE Will find a starting spot for you, no matter what type of car you race. Up to 5 different winners in victory lane with One over-all champion. Any driver can pre-enter with a guaranteed starting spot at the front of the field. If you are worried about FUEL , we will be having a mandatory Pit stop at lap 50 ,for all cars. Something New for this year, Bracket racing within each class, For those that might go a little too fast for the Class they are registered in and those who want to Read in-between the written rules , There will always be a chance for the Bump UP to another class. No One will be disqualified. Contact Mike at 608 393-6705 or Sean at 715 491 9393 for more information.


Auto Racing has finally Kicked OFF the 2014 Season in Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.

  The Gladiator Racing Series has been working hard on getting the schedule completed but we Are STILL on hold with many events. We have ( 3 ) Races on the agenda. A Set of updated rules for each class and a Notice to all :  We have returned to the ENDURO format of racing, featuring non-stop action from beginning to end with the JAM Truck Clearing the way. 

 Five different Classes of cars will compete at each event, One Driver will be crowned Over-All Champion at each race and take home the TOP PRIZE but the question remains, will it be a 4 cylinder, a V8 or maybe a V6 standing High above the others?  

 Winners will also be declared in Each Class. Hornet (Pure stock 4 cylinder), Bandit (Modified 4 cylinder), V6 front or rear wheel drive, V8 Pure stock and V8 Outlaw(Hobby-stock). All Classes will be scored separately by Transponder with a Twist, Each Class Bracket can be BUSTED, if a Car/driver are TOO fast for the class they registered in. (Bahama Bracket Style). Each winner of each class will receive a Trophy and the winners share of the Purse, Based on cars entered in each class. 

   1st Race: Saturday Night, June 21st at The Rockford Speedway. A 100 Lap ENDURO style race with Winners crowned in each of the 5 divisions running at the same time, with Rockford Road-Runners Invited to participate. There will be a Pit stop at Lap 50 for those who are worried about Fuel. Pre-entry assures you of a starting spot near the front.  Drivers entry fee will be $75 ,which includes Two Pit passes and Transponder for accurate Lap Timing and Scoring. Each Class will Pay 1st $200.00/2nd $125.00/3rd $75.00/4th $50.00/5th $25.00. if a Minimum 10 cars are entered in that class. The More cars entered equals More Money for the winner. This is a Partnership with Rockford Speedway’s weekly program running under the Lights. 

      2nd Race: Sunday July 20th At The Dells Raceway Park. A 300 lap ENDURO style race with a winner crowned in each of the 5 divisions running at the same time. There will be a Pit stops at each 75 Lap interval for those who are worried about Fuel. Pre-entry assures you of a starting spot near the front. Drivers entry fee will be $75 ,which includes Two Pit passes and Transponder for accurate Lap Timing and Scoring. Each Class will Pay 1st $200.00/2nd $125.00/3rd $75.00/4th $50.00/5th $25.00 if a Minimum 10 cars are entered in that class. The More cars entered equals More Money for the winner. We are also looking for Sponsors for this event and this will also Increase Payouts for the TOP 3 in each class. We will be renting the Dells raceway Park facility to hold our own event and we will have Kids rides on the track, Rent-a-ride Race Cars Available and Classic car show on the grounds.  

  3rd Race: Saturday Night Aug 23. Wilmot Raceway.  A 100 Lap ENDURO style race with a winner crowned in each of the 5 divisions running at the same time. There will be a Pit stop at Lap 50 for those who are worried about Fuel. Pre-entry assures you of a starting spot near the front Drivers entry fee will be $75 ,which includes Two Pit passes and Transponder for accurate Lap Timing and Scoring. Each Class will Pay 1st $200.00/2nd $125.00/3rd $75.00/4th $50.00/5th $25.00 if a Minimum 10 cars are entered in that class. The More cars entered equals More Money for the winner. This is a Partnership with Wilmot Raceway’s Weekly Racing Program running under the lights. 

Still working on an Event: :  Saturday night June 14th at The Slinger Super Speedway. A 100 Lap enduro style race with a winner crowned in each of the 5 divisions. There will be a Pit stop at Lap 50 for those who are worried about Fuel. Pre-entry assures you of a starting spot near the front. We are looking for 40 Drivers Minimum. Partnership with Slinger Super Speedway Crash Fest  

Still working On an Event : Saturday August 2nd. BlackHawk Farms Raceway. A Timed One hour enduro style race with a winner crowned in each of the 5 divisions. Pre-entry assures you of a starting spot near the front. We are looking for 40 Drivers ONLY. Partnership with the Lakeshore Sports Car Club  

Still working on an Event: Sunday June 22nd at The Milwaukee Mile. A Timed enduro style race on the Oval with as Many laps as can be completed within a one hour or two hour time limit. A winner will be crowned in each of the 5 divisions .There will be a Pit stop for those who are worried about Fuel. Pre-entry assures you of a starting spot near the front.  We are looking for 60 Drivers Minimum. Partnership with The Great Lakes Sports car Club  

The Gladiator Racing Series Has also contacted Sycamore Speedway and Tomah Raceway for Possible combined events later in the year.








Welcome Drivers and Race Fans. The Gladiator Racing Series has been working on a New Set of rules and a New Schedule for 2014. We want to thank you ALL for being Patient and Having interest in this Grass Roots Style of Racing.

  The Race Season started in February with the Running of the Daytona 500 and even though the weather has slowed everyone down in the Midwest, The Gladiator Racing Series has been hard at work. We have chosen to go back to an Enduro style format in 2014 with all out, non-stop action. Five different Classes of cars will compete at the same time at each event, One Driver will be crowned Over-All Champion at each event with a winner in Each Class. Hornet (Pure stock 4 cylinder), Bandit (Modified 4 cylinder), V6 front or rear wheel drive, V8 Pure stock and V8 Outlaw(Hobby-stock). All Classes will be scored separately with each winner of each class receiving Nice Hardware for the Trophy room and Good Cash for the pocket-book.

More information about the updated Rules will be online soon.

Our schedule is still in the process of being Finalized but Gladiator Racing wanted to release a Tentative schedule and let everyone know what we are working on.

    1st Race:  Saturday night June 14th at The Slinger Super Speedway. A 100 Lap enduro style race with a winner crowned in each of the 5 divisions. There will be a Pit stop at Lap 50 for those who are worried about Fuel. Pre-entry assures you of a starting spot near the front. We are looking for 40 Drivers Minimum. Partnership with Slinger Super Speedway Crash Fest

     2nd Race: Saturday June 21st at The Rockford Speedway. A 100 Lap enduro style race. A winner will be crowned in each of the 5 divisions with Rockford Road-Runners Invited to participate. There will be a Pit stop at Lap 50 for those who are worried about Fuel. Pre-entry assures you of a starting spot near the front.  We are looking for 40 Drivers Minimum. Partnership with Rockford Speedway’s weekly show

   3rd race: Sunday June 22nd at The Milwaukee Mile. A Timed enduro style race on the Oval with as Many laps as can be completed within a one hour or two hour time limit. A winner will be crowned in each of the 5 divisions .There will be a Pit stop for those who are worried about Fuel. Pre-entry assures you of a starting spot near the front.  We are looking for 60 Drivers Minimum. Partnership with The Great Lakes Sports car Club

    4th  Race: Sunday July 6th at The Dells Raceway Park. A 150 Lap enduro style race with a winner crowned in each of the 5 divisions. There will be a Pit stop at Lap 75 for those who are worried about Fuel. Pre-entry assures you of a starting spot near the front. We are looking for 40 Drivers Minimum. Partnership with the Midwest Tour-Dells Racing Weekend.

    5th Race: Sunday July 20th At The Dells Raceway Park. A 300-375 lap enduro style race with a winner crowned in each of the 5 divisions. There will be a Pit stops at each 75 Lap interval for those who are worried about Fuel. Pre-entry assures you of a starting spot near the front. We are looking for 40 Drivers Minimum. We will rent the facility and hold out own event. Kids rides, Rent-a-ride Race Cars , Classic car show

   6th Race: Saturday August 2nd. BlackHawk Farms Raceway. A Timed One hour enduro style race with a winner crowned in each of the 5 divisions. Pre-entry assures you of a starting spot near the front. We are looking for 40 Drivers ONLY. Partnership with the Lakeshore Sports Car Club

    7th Race: Saturday Aug 23. Wilmot Raceway.  A 100 Lap enduro style race with a winner crowned in each of the 5 divisions. There will be a Pit stop at Lap 50 for those who are worried about Fuel. Pre-entry assures you of a starting spot near the front. We are looking for 40 Drivers Minimum. Partnership with Wilmot Raceway’s Weekly Racing Program.

    We are actively looking for Feedback !! if anyone has any concerns or thoughts regarding this Style of Program, Please e-mail or call Thanks. Mike Hennessy 608 393-6705(Owner/Promoter Gladiator Racing Series)


The Gladiator Racing Series Visited The Dells Raceway Park on Saturday afternoon October 19th for The Sponsor Appreciation Day at the Races. With Blue skies, Chili cooking for the fans , many trophies to give away and new participants in the pit area, The day was off to a great start.

   In The first 100 lap 4 cylinder feature.   Dan Snyder and Ed Klug set the  pace for the field but by lap 18 , Ed developed car problems and handed the lead over to Snyder. Carl Benn, Jim walker and Dusty Heil all ran single file in pursuit with Dave Lembke, Al Bartels, Justin Mikel and Jasper Drengler in Tow . With onl;y 18 laps to go, The rain Came and the drivers had to wait to resume. When the track was race ready, the feature resumed with Snyder Continuing his dominance  but Dave Lembke was on the move along with Carl Benn.  The checkered flag waved at lap 100. The Winner in the Bandit class was Dan Snyder, followed by Dave Lembke in 2nd place., The winner of the Pure stock 4 cylinder class was Carl Benn followed by Dusty Heil in 2nd .

 In the first 125 Lap feature for the V8’s and V6’s, “Racin Ron” Mortimer and Zach Clark brought the field to green and set a very fast pace, leaving the field behind but trouble showed up for Mortimer who suffered a flat tire on lap 10. Dave Edwards, Gary Paulick and Jasper Drengler in his V6 Mustang were in hot pursuit of Clark but on this day, Zach Clark had the car to beat. Unfortunately, Clark had a flat tire with only 14 laps remaining , handing the lead over to Dave Edwards. Clark would, however: fix his tire and return for a second place finish in the Outlaw v8 class. Dave Edwards won the Outlaw V8 Class. The V8 Pure stock class was won by Brian Blenker with Gary Paulick 2nd and  the V6 class was dominated by Jasper Drengler.

      Because of the rain delay and some technical problems, The race-day needed to be shortened In both the remaining feature events. The 4 cylinders came out for the final feature of 60 laps and ran non-stop through the event. Ed” The Image” Klug Dominated, after missing his chance in the first feature. He Took the checkered in the Bandit Class in convincing fashion, followed by Dan Snyder in 2nd .  In  the Pure stock 4 cyl Class,  Jim Walker  came home in 1st place with Carl Benn taking 2nd.

   To finish the day, The V8’s and V6’s started their run for the trophy as darkness began to cover the track. Zach Clark  took the lead early and lead every lap , taking home the gold. Dave Edwards finished in the 2nd spot for the Outlaw v8 class.  Brian Blenker again, won the V8 pure stock class but Gary Paulick challenged him the entire race, as they finished 1 and 2. And Jasper Drengler piloted his V6 mustang to His second win of the day followed by Riley Zillmer in his debut, with the V6 class.


Let’s Go Racing!!

 The Gladiator Racing Series WILL BE in action at The Dells Raceway Park today. With a Slim chance for rain throughout the day, We are going to run our event, even if we have to squeeze it in. Practice for all cars starts at 12 noon and race action begins at 2pm with Twin 125’s for all V8’s a V6’s and Twin 100’s for all 4 cylinders.

    We will finish the Season with a great show. Come everyone!! Drivers, Fans and Family. It will be a great time for all. With Chili cooking and Kids rides at intermission. There is plenty of fun to be had.

If you need more information on raceday. Call Mike at (608) 393-6705 or Sean at (715)491-9393.


Attention Drivers:

          The Gladiator Racing Series is only Three days away from an Action packed program at The Dells Raceway Park.  It’s time to Get the Car ready, pack up the crew and bring all your friends For The Sponsorship Appreciation Day at The Races. All drivers are invited, You Bring it, You race it!  No matter what type of car, truck or modified you have. Car Registration is $80 and if you pre-register you will get a starting spot near the front in your first feature event plus you will get Three pit passes when you arrive on race day. If you wait, You will only get Two passes and you will need to draw your starting position. All other pit passes are $25.

   Grandstand admission is Only $5 for everyone over 8 years of age with all children getting in FREE. Bring your own food and drink because there will be no concessions. Carry your grill or a sack lunch, but also remember Our Chili Cook-Off. There will be plenty of CHILI available, prepared by The Hayes Racing Family. We also plan on Having Car rides at our intermission for all spectators who want a ride on the track in a Classic or a Race Car. It should be a great time for all.

  Pit gates will open at 10 am Saturday morning, Practice will start at Noon with race action at 2pm.The  Main grandstand gate will open at 1pm but early attendees can make their Way to the Pit entrance, for access into the grandstands.

Payouts: Every WINNER in each Class that has at-least 5 cars entered, will get $100 and a Trophy. Everyone will receive some compensation for their effort so don’t hold back. This is the last race of the Season. I hope to see you all, On Race day!!

Attention Race Fans and Drivers:


 The Gladiator Racing Series will have an event at the Dells Raceway Park on Saturday afternoon, October 19th. All area drivers are invited for a Run-What-You-Brung type of an event. thunderstocks, roadrunners, hobby-stock, V8 pure stock, international, bandit, hornet , 4 cyl.-pure stock,  6cyl. pure stock or road warrior. Each car participating will be placed into a grouping based on speed and performance. Every class will have a winner. Payouts will be based on car counts, but sponsors have come forward with extra money for all participants.


   If anyone needs needs additional information and is willing to take the Challenge and compete in either Twin 100 lap features for all four cylinders or Twin 125’s for v8’s and v6’s, please contact Mike Hennessy at (608) 393-6705 or Sean Worman at (715)491-9393. Trophies will be given out to all winners in each class and if your vehicle doesn’t fit a specific class, you will still have the opportunity to run and take home some hardware.


*Attention Drivers: Entry Fee is $80.00 . If you Pre-register your car at-least 3 days before the event, you will receive 3 pit passes and you will get a starting spot at the front of the field, in our 1st feature event. Your starting spot will be given to you in the order that we receive your entry. On Race day, you will only receive 2 pit passes and you will draw a Pill for your starting spot in our 1st feature event.


Grandstand admission will only be $5 and all children will get in free. Make sure your bring the kids, we will also be offering track rides during our intermission time.  There will be no concessions available at the track, so all fans and participants should bring their own food and beverages. We are also working on a Chili-Cook-Off  during the days events to give that extra Flavor of fall.. If anyone is interested in bringing a little extra to share, we will have hot plates available.


Visit any one of these Gladiator Race Series Sponsors for FREE tickets


Herman’s Motor Clinic (Baraboo WI) Engine Services & Machining ,Phil Smith  608) 356-4732


Andrews Agency.   Personal & Family Health Insurance Needs, in Wisconsin.  Ike Andrews(608) 522-3694


Tri-Mark Performance (Reedsburg WI.)Race Engine,Horsepower Development. Mark Sanborn(608) 768-2900


 Harpers Auto Salvage Wisconsin Dells (www.HarpersSandS.com)  Jody Harper 608 254-7971


Brewster’s Lanes( Reedsburg WI. ) Bowling for all ages. Bruce & Julie Bill (608) 524-2276


Gawronski Signs (Reedsburg) Vinyl lettering and billboards. Dave(608)963-0308


Leo’s Upper Dells Bar (Lyndon Station) A short distance from the Dells Raceway Park. (608) 666-2602


Rocky’s Auto Salvage (Portage WI. ) Rocky Breezer Racing. (608) 742-5753


Sevcik Racing Engines  Contact Greg Sevcik at  sevmotors@comcast.net 


Mac tools ( Northern IL.)Phil Speciale (630) 508-0069    www.Mactools.com


Emil’s Garage(South Elgin)ALL around Auto Service, John Miller(847) 888-0448


 The JUG(Baraboo)    For a great relaxing time with friends in the Baraboo Area Call(608) 356-2660


The Tire Shop  (Portage WI.) Good service at a good price, auto repair (608)566-1711 the.tireshop@hotmail.com


  The Green and Gold Experience (Baraboo),  Fundraising, Bounce house and Inflatable game rentals .Greg Horstman  www.greenandgoldexperience.com 1800 569-6833


Bema Incorporated Glen Galloway(630) 279-7800 Glen@Bemafilmsystems.com


Advanced Refractory Gerry Galloway (630)244-8978 Gerry@advancedRefractorytech.com


Napa Auto Parts.(Baraboo& Portage)   608 356-3948


Dales’ Automotive (Lyndon station)  Your Friendly, Country Auto Repair Shop. Dale. (608) 666-2222


Blystones Towing and Radiator INC.( Portage WI.) Jerry Blystone (608) 742-4228


Drivers can Pre-register by sending check or money order to Michael Hennessy


 at s4705 Raven Acres Dr, Baraboo Wi. 53913

Attention ALL drivers and fans!!!! 
The Gladiator Racing Series will be having an event at The Dells Raceway Park on  Saturday October 19th.  We will be running twin 100 lap features for all 4 cylinder hornet/bandit/enduro cars and Twin 125's for all v8's street/hobbystock cars. Also; an invitation goes out to any front wheel drive or rear wheel drive v6's plus any of the American Short tracker type, rear wheel drive Modified 4's.
 You bring it, You race it. We will find a class to fit you in or provide a way for everyone to race.  Cars will be placed in a class which provides the best competition and the best race action for the fans.
 Payouts and entry fees will be determined within the next few weeks. Sponsor partners are being sought for this event. the more cars, the more sponsors, the more fans in the stands, makes a BIG PAY DAY for the Race Day winners.


The Gladiator Racing Series Visited Veteran’s Speedway in Tomah on Sunday and what started out as a cold and dismal day in July turned into an exciting event for the drivers and fans. With a cold north wind and heavy overcast skies, Drivers came to the paper clip shaped track to run over 200 laps on the day. Most of those drivers had never seen the track racing surface before and after each car had a chance to practice, it was claimed to be “A Drivers Track”. Where skill, patience and BRAKES would be the deciding factor in whether a car would win or lose. Aaron Wilke brought his 70’s dodge dart from St. Louis Missouri and worked his magic . Taking home two First place trophies in the V8 Outlaw Class and an extra trophy for “The Longest Haul”. Sparta ‘s Kevin Eddy, guided his #41 V8 Pure Stock to victory in the 1st of Twin 100 Lap features and Junction City Native Brian Blenker, outdueled Eddy for a WIN in the 2nd event . Janesville’s engineer, Kyle Padfield ,took home two First Place trophies in the 4 Cylinder Pure Stock Class and sold his winning car to track manager Steve Jorgenson after the race, plus, Chris Jones from Capron Illinois, wheeled his Acura Integra to both feature wins in the Bandit Class. The always racing, always working, Chimney Mechanic , Jasper Drengler of Shawano Wisconsin ,brought three cars to the event and took home the Hardware for winning both Races in the V6 class along with his extra hand, Dustyn Poppe who received the 2nd place trophy in the V8 Pure stock class and Race Day Rookie award. Gladiator Racing Series Management wants to Thank all the Participants and Fans who attended the event. Many compliments were spoken about the Clean side by side racing on the day along with the many happy faces on every child and fan who got a ride in a Race Car before the show started. With over 200 Laps completed on the day and only Four Caution flags thrown , this is How Grass Roots Nascar racing began and how Drivers have fun.



Hello Racing Enthusiasts . Only a few days remain before the Gladiator Racing Series invades Veteran’s Raceway Park in Tomah Wisconsin on Sunday July 28th. Over 400 laps of side by side racing action are planned on the day starting at 2:00 pm. For The Fans: We are offering General Grandstand admission at $20 per car load. As many adults, children or animals you can squeeze in. For the Kids: We also have the Classic cars of Sauk County and Ike Andrews of The Andrews Insurance Company stopping by to give Track Rides during our halftime break . For the drivers: We have a lot of trophies to give away with awards going out to the TOP 2 in all classes and potential for 20 different drivers to take home some hardware. The pit area will open at 11 am, Practice at Noon , with a drivers meeting at 1:45. The Car registration fee for this event is $45 with an Additional $25 for each Pit pass. We will not be using transponders to score this event. Drivers are advised to PIANT or vinyl your car number on the roof, facing the grandstand, in 20” or Larger letters so our track scorer can properly account for your car. Attn: I’m Sorry to say, Car counts for each division are unknown at this time and because our payouts are based are cars participating in our event, we can’t determine the amounts to be paid for each position. Example. 20- V8 Pure stock cars = $200 for each feature win. Twin 125’s = $400 20- 4 cyl. Pure stock/hornet = $200 for each feature win. Twin 100’s = $400 The Veteran’s Raceway park is Located Just off Hwy 21 on Flagstaff RD,3 miles West Of interstate 94 11215 Flagstaff Rd. Tomah WI. Welcome back drivers and fans. It’s been a long break since the Gladiator Racing Series last had an event but this UPDATE is to let everyone know we are still alive and haven’t closed the doors. This Racing Series is the best opportunity for any diver to compete on a budget and have a great racing experience in side by side competition. We will continue to run a Twin Feature format at all events . All 4 cylinders will compete in Twin 100 lap features and all V8 full size hobby-stock cars and 6 cylinder cars will run Twin 125 Lap features . We are still separating the classes, with a Pure stock 4 cylinder, a Bandit style 4 cylinder, along with front wheel drive V6’s, Pure stock V8 and unlimited V8 Classes. I invite all drivers to call and get more information if you are interested. For the race fans, i URGE everyone to visit your local racetrack and talk to the drivers. Times are changing and Auto Racing needs your support. The Gladiator Racing Series supports many tracks in the State of Wisconsin, from dirt racing at The fairgrounds in Amherst on Thursday nights and The Speed-zone in Oshkosh on Friday nights, to Asphalt racing at Veteran’s Raceway Park in Tomah.on Friday nights and The Dells raceway park on Saturday nights. Breaking NEWS: The Gladiator Racing Series will be hosting an event at Veteran’s raceway Park on Sunday July 28th. All drivers are invited from La Crosse, Tomah, The Dells, Golden Sands ,Columbus and Jefferson. With Pit areas open at 11 am, Grandstands open at 1pm and racing to begin at 2. We will be running Twin 100 lap feature events for the two classes of 4 cylinders and Twin 125 Lap feature for the two classes of V8 hobby-stock cars with potential to have 10 different winners on the day . All drivers are welcome, bring your car and we will fit you into a class that will enable you the best chance of taking home a trophy. We should have some cars available to rent through our Rent-a-ride program along with Kids rides during our intermission. Call Mike Hennessy at (608) 393-6705 or write an e-mail if anyone has any questions. Veteran’s raceway Park is located in Tomah WI. 3 Miles west of the interstate on HWY 21. If you want to visit the Veteran’s Raceway Park , please call Mike or John Inglett at(608) 372-7223. Also: We are in the process of scheduling a Race at the Dells Raceway Park in August. Stay tuned for details. For a better reference on car counts and potential Payout structures for each of these races, I ask for a reply to this letter. Thanks Mike Hennessy(Owner/Promoter, Gladiator Racing Series.)



Welcome  Drivers and Race fans of the Old Midwest Enduro Stock Car Series and The New Gladiator Racing Series. It’s been a long winter and Now that The Racing Season has started in the Midwest with the Kick-off of Rockford’s Spring 4 cylinder enduro, Rockford’s  Spring Classic, and the ISS enduro at Jefferson Speedway, We can officially say, The 2013 Season is Underway.

    I want to wish the Best for Everyone this year but we’ve got to remember, there is only ONE person who can stand in victory Lane at the end of the race.

  The off season has dealt a few setbacks to the Gladiator Racing Series and the schedule for the upcoming season. Proposals have gone out to many tracks and organizations with a lot of communication problems yet we have continued to look forward to have many events in 2013. Even though we have no DATES  as of today, I hope all competitors have remained focused and prepared their rides for the year. Our Current proposals include some events to be run at The Dells Raceway Park, An event at Columbus 151 Speedway , an event at Sycamore Speedway, a combined event at Grundy county speedway, and Rockford Speedway with potential for an event at Blackhawk Farms Road course in Rockton Illinois. 

 Because of the Hard economic times and the uncertain future we all face, I send this e-mail to gather insight from drivers and fans of this race series and racing in general. I urge ALL to hit reply and respond to these questions: Thanks for your time, Stay tuned for a schedule release soon.

#1. What Asphalt Track should we concentrate on getting a Race Event at?

#2 What Dirt track should we concentrate on getting a Race Event at?

#3 Who would be interested in Racing  an event at BlackHawk Farms road Course?

#4. Who would prefer racing a 200 lap V8 enduro or The Twin 125 features we  currently run?

#5 who would prefer racing a 200 lap 4cyl. enduro or the Twin 75 lap features we currently run?

2013 Gladiator Racing Series

 The Racing Season officially started last week with the running of Speed-weeks and the Daytona 500 and hopefully the snow will stop falling, temperatures will start rising and we will be able to run at our local tracks soon. The Gladiator Racing Series is still working on Our 2013 Season Schedule and because of the economy and Gasoline prices, which is effecting all of us, We have chosen to run a limited schedule this summer. A proposal has been introduced to The Dells Raceway Park to hold 3-5 events throughout the summer with an Option to add a few other events  along the way, Considerations are being made to The Columbus 151 speedway for the 2nd annual Tom Nevoso Memorial Race. A Visit to the newly opened Veteran’s Raceway Park in Tomah WI..  A September Race at The famed Grundy County Speedway and A visit to the Milwaukee Mile for a Road Race event. Stay tuned to our website and visit us on Facebook for future information. E-mail updates will go out to all, as soon as we secure the schedule.


  On a sad note: Jim ”Plugger” Plautz Passed away this past week after battling Cancer for the past few years. He was known well, for driving he #43 Richard Petty Look-a-like car during some events with the Midwest Enduro Series. Jim is remembered by his Wife and two Children in Edgerton Wisconsin. If you would like more information. Please write to Miles at  mileshoot@yahoo.com 

The Gladiator Racing Series Crowned it's 2012 Champions

Jasper Drengler Took Top Honors in the V6 Class, Brad Nelson TookTop Honors in the 4 Cylinder Pure Stock Class, Randy Padfield Took Top Honors in the 4 Cylinder Bandit Class and Craig Phillips Took Top Honors in the V8 Pure Stock Class, Not pictured was Matt Born, Champion in the V8 Outlaw Class. Congradulations for your commitment and Hard work in Chasing that Championship Trophy.

( More information and Pictures coming at a later time) 


Banquet Update !!!  January 19th  from 12noon - 2pm

    The Gladiator Racing Series 2012 Championship Awards Banquet is scheduled for Saturday January 19th at The Classic Bowling Lanes in Menomonie Falls .       Because of a scheduling conflict, The  Banquet/Rules meeting time has changed and will now  be, 12 noon -2 pm.The Midwest Enduro Series Reunion will begin at 2pm.  

  We are in the process of calling all past drivers and competitors regarding this update .If anyone has any questions feel free to write or call Mike Hennessy at (608) 393-6705 .  Gladiator_Racer@centurytel.net


For all those who are interested in Auto Racing, Off Road or Drag Racing ,  Visit the upcoming Race and Performance Expo in St. Charles Ill. 







The Gladiator Racing Series wants to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas Season and the  Best for the Upcoming  2013 Stock Car Racing Year.   


Let us all Take Special time in Family, Friends, Reflection and Change, with new hopes and dreams for the New year.  We have been busy over the past few months and have finally made a date for our 2012 Race Series Championship Banquet. For all drivers who competed with the Series in 2012 and all future competitors, we have scheduled an Awards Banquet/Rules meeting in conjunction with the The Midwest Enduro Series Reunion at The Classic  Bowling Lanes in Menomonee Falls, On Saturday, January 19th .   For all Competitors and fans who followed the Midwest Enduro Series over the past 20 years, there will be a gathering in the meeting room at Classic Lanes from 2pm-6pm with complimentary soda, beer and snacks available for a nominal charge of $6. Everyone is encouraged to bring photos, videos, stories and a willingness to have a good time.At 8:00pm The Gladiator Racing Series will begin it’s awards ceremony in the meeting room. There will be no fee, for those who want to attend and the classic bowling Lanes will have food available for purchase. We will be discussing changes with the Series and the schedule for 2013  Plus ,honoring our 2012 class Champions. Matt Born in the V8 Outlaw Stock Class, Craig Phillips in the V8 Pure Stock class, Jasper Drengler in the V6 Class, Randy Padfield in the 4 Cylinder Bandit Class and Brad Nelson in the 4 Cylinder Pure Stock Class. If anyone has any questions, feel free to write and e-mail or call Michael Hennessy at 608 393-6705.




     The Gladiator Racing Series visited The Grundy County Speedway on Sunday Sept. 23rd  for the BEMA INC./Advanced Refractory Tech” Day at the Races”  and crowned Five New Series Champions by day’s end.  It was a beautiful day for Racing!!!

   In The V8 Classes: Aaron Wilke traveled from Bridgeton Missouri with his #8 Dodge V8 Outlaw Car and drove methodically through the traffic to take Top honors in the first 125 lap feature but unfortunately he had engine troubles in the second event , ending his day early. Edgerton’s Craig Phillips, driving the Newville Auto Salvage #12 , used patience and a Little “Bump and Run” action to Win both 125 lap features in the V8 Pure Stock Class ,propelling him to The 2012 Gladiator Race Series V8 Pure Stock Championship and in the Four cylinder Classes, Brad Nelson driving the #21 Chimney Mechanix  Acura won the first of twin 125 lap features in Warrior (stock) 4 Class, giving him the edge he needed to take Home the 2012 Gladiator Race Series  Warrior 4 Championship over The #27 Ford Probe of Kyle Padfield, who Won the Second 125 lap feature in the Warrior 4 Class . For the Bandit 4’s, The #22  Acura of Cool ,Calm, Chris Jones put a show for the fans by running neck and neck with most of the V8 Cars and winning both features  on the day but Randy Padfield  in the Padfield Racing #2 ran a  steady and conservative through the day and took home the 2012 Gladiator Race Series Bandit 4 Championship.  Also ,Jasper Drengler consistently avoided trouble in his  #01 Chimney Mechanix  V6 Mustang, going to Victory Lane in both 125 lap feature events  and on to The Gladiator race Series championship in that Class. When all was completed , the finishing order was.

1st 125 Lap Feature: #8 Aaron Wilke,(V8 Outlaw) 1st, #12 Craig Philips(V8 Pure stock)2nd, #10 Phil Speciale, 3rd, #3 Gerry Galloway 4th, #01 jasper Drengler(V6) 5th , #99 Louis Chatroop 6th , #52 Tom Deyoung 7th , #22 Julie Hayes 8th ,#67 Ryan Nuti 9th , #266 Ken Hocking 10th ,#48 Gerald Hayes 11th ,#01 Brad Jones  12th  #84 Mike Hennessy Sr. 13th and For the Four Cylinders  #22 Chris Jones(Bandit 4)  1st , #21 Brad Nelson(Warrior(stock) Four 2nd , #27 Kyle Padfield 3rd ,  #0 Craig Frase 4th (International) , #0 Renee Farren 5th , #2  Randy Padfield  6th and #82  Dan Chapman 7th .

2nd 125 Lap Feature: #12 Craig Phillips(V8 Pure Stock) 1st , #10Phil Speciale 2nd , #67Ryan Nuti 3rd ,#01Jasper Drengler(V6) 4th , #99Louis Chatroop 5th , #52Tom Deyoung 6th ,#22Julie Hayes 7th ,#01Brad Jones 8th #48 Gerald Hayes 9th,#8 Aaron Wilke (V8 Outlaw)9th , #3 Gerry Galloway 10th , #266 Ken Hocking 11th ,and for the Four Cylinders  #22 Chris Jones (Bandit 4)1st,  #27 Kyle Padfield (Warrior Stock 4) 2nd , #2 Randy Padfield 3rd , #0 Renee Farren 4th , #21 Brad Nelson 5th , and #0 Craig Frase 6th





 The Gladiator Racing Series Event  scheduled for This Saturday at the Grundy County Speedway has been changed to SUNDAY September 23. Pit gates will open at 10am, practice at 11:30 and Race action starting at 1pm. Grandstands will open at noon with full concessions. Adult admission is only $7 and FREE for all children 10 and under.

 It's going to be a Sunny and exciting day for racing. If anyone has questions or concerns Call the Grundy County Speedway at 815 942-5958 or Mike at 608 393-6705.




NEXT Event:   The Gladiator Racing Series is set to visit The Grundy County Speedway  on September 22nd with Twin 125 Lap Features for the V8 Street Stocks /V8 Pure Stock Classes and Twin 75 Lap Features for all 4 Cylinder Bandits, Hornets and Pure Stocks. Special sponsorships for the day, from Bema Incorporated  ”With Bema, It’s in the BAG!!” and Advanced Refractory Tech with a Guaranteed Winner’s Purse of $300 for the V8 Pure Stock Class in each of the Twin 125 Lap features.  One  lucky driver could walk home with over $600  cash. The PURSE can grow dramatically in every class, depending on the total entrants for the day. Special invitations go out to all Rockford Road Runners , Grundy County Street Stocks and Illiana Turbo Stox , and any front wheel drive four cylinder, whether it’s a Pure Stock, Bandit,  or Hornet. If you want to race, we’ll fit you in.

 It’s supposed to be cool on Saturday but the Sun will be shining and the cars will be fast. Pit gates will open at 12 noon with Racing Action Scheduled to start at 3pm.  Drivers: Because the Wilmot Speedway has backed away from the Year End October Special, this might be The last race of the Season for the Gladiator Racing Series. I urge all long lost V8 enduro drivers to clean the weeds out of the car and come out and play with theV8 Pure Stock Class. Everyone could use an extra $600.  I hope to see you all, on Race Day !!


The Gladiator Racing Series visited The Dells Raceway Park on Sunday Afternoon, September 9th, and when all 400 laps of side by side race action was completed,        Eight different winners stood in victory lane.

  In the first of Twin 75 Lap Four cylinder features, Chris Jones, driving the #22 Acura Integra from Capron IL., piloted his way to take top honors and the Win in the Bandit Class and 13 year old Bryce Biddick, driving the #33 Ford Escort from Evansville, drove to perfection and grabbed top honors in the Warrior (stock) 4 Class.

 In the second 75 Lap, Four cylinder feature, Steve Rozek driving the #29 Ford Escort from Sparta ,put on a clinic and outdrove his competition to take home the trophy in the Bandit Class and Brad Nelson, driving the #21 Acura Integra from Shawano, outdueled  his rivals and escaped with a win in the warrior (stock) 4 class.

In the First of Twin 125 lap V8 Features, Ryan Nuti, driving the #67 Chevy Impala from Edgerton, held off many challenges to take home the Gold in the V8 Pure Stock Class and Matt Born, driving the #44  Chevy Impala from Sheboygan Falls , survived some trouble  and took home top prized in the Outlaw V8 Class. Jason Parkes, Driving the #71 Ford outlasted his competition to take home the prize in the V6 Class.

In the Second 125 lap, V8 Feature, Ryan Nuti  in the #67 came to the front, was challenged and tested but withstood the challenge and took his 2nd win on the day, in the V8 Pure Stock Class , along with a 2nd Win for the #44 of Matt Born in the V8 Outlaw Stock Class  and a 2nd Win for The #71 V6 Ford, driven  this time, by Michael Parkes.

First 75 Lap Four Cylinder ,Finishing Order  1st #22 Chris Jones     2nd #11 Andy Portzen       3rd #71 James junget       4th #18 Jay Orr,      5th #29 Steve Rozek       6th #2 Randy Padfield      7th#  #117Phil Lehl        8th #33 Bryce Biddick      9th #21 Brad nelson       10th #39 Colton Morgan        11th #43Ren Revels         12th #12 Al Bartels       13th #114 Mike Klein        14th #27 Kyle Padfield        15th Riley Zilmer      16th Jake Balk        17th #83 Kevin Burris

Second 75 Lap Four Cylinder, Finishing Order 1st #29 Steve Rozek       2nd #71 James Junget        3rd #22 Chris Jones       4th  #117 Phil Lehl       5th #21 Brad Nelson         6th #27Kyle Padfield       7th #2 Randy Padfield          8th #83 Kevin Burris        9th #33 Bryce Biddick        10th #65 Riley Zilmer       11th #18 Jay Orr         12th #39 Colton Morgan        13th #11 Arch Preston         14th #114 Mike Klein          15th #12 Al Bartels      16th #43 Kurt Kolden

First 125 Lap V8 Feature, Finishing Order 1st #67 Ryan Nuti   2nd #12 Craig Phillips   3rd #3 Gerry Galloway 4th #10 John Miller    5th #17 Tom Barnharst     6th #01 Brad Jones      7th #372 Randy Gelden      8th #44 Matt Born      9th #8440 Mike Hennessy Sr.       10th #266 Ken Hocking        11th #101 Tracy Drengler      12th #22 Gerald hayes      13th #72 Mark Fogel       14th #8 Aaron Wilke       15th #71 Jason Parkes       16th #10 Jasper Drengler      17th #27 Mark Tomasi        18th #94 Brian Blenker

Second 125 Lap V8 Feature, Finishing Order 1st Ryan Nuti   2nd #12 Craig Phillips   3rd #22 Gerald Hayes       4th #372 Dave Edwards     5th #266 Ken Hocking     6th #01 Brad Jones      7th #3 Gerry Galloway    8th #101 Tracy Drengler     9th #44 Matt Born     10th #8440 Mike Hennessy Sr.      11th #71 Michael Parkes       12th  #10 John Miller      13th #27 Mark Tomasi        14th #10 Jasper Drengler



 It’s RACE DAY!!  Come Visit the Wisconsin Dells Raceway Park and watch the Gladiator Racing Series.

 The weather is supposed to be sunny and 70 degrees all day , A Nice relaxing day to watch some stock car races and get  three hours of entertainment for the day. Pit gates will open at 9:30 am, Grandstands open at 12 noon and racing starts at 1pm with our first of Four BIG races planned for the day. Twin 75 Lap bandit/hornet features along with Twin 125 Lap V8 street stock races. As an added event, we will have some Old Classics on hand to offer Track rides during intermission. Come to the track and have some fun!!



NEXT Event: The Dells Raceway Park

  Sunday afternoon, Sept 9th!!!! The Gladiator Racing Series will visit the Dells Raceway Park with over 400 Laps scheduled.

  We are looking for all area divers who have full size V8's, Mid size 6 cylinders, and all 4's ,whether they are a bandit, hornet, or enduro car. We will be running five different classes with potential for ten different winners in victory lane at the end of the day.Payouts will be based on car counts in each class. If 25 cars register in any one class, we will be able to pay atleast $250 for a WIN in each Feature event with a possibility for any ONE driver to walk away with over $500 on the day.We will  also be giving Spectator and childrens rides on the racetrack during intermission.It should be an exciting day at the races!!

We are offering 2 for 1 Grandstand admission passes for all race fans and drivers who want to come and visit the Dells, Also, Those who visit participating sponsors can get FREE admission tickets. Some sponsors of this event include Andrews Insurance(Baraboo)  Blystones Towing of Portage.Leo's Upper Dells Bar in Lyndon Station. Harpers Auto Salvage in Wisconsin Dells.The Tire Shop in Portage. Gawronski Signs in Reedsburg. The JUG Tavern in Baraboo.Tri-Mark Performance in Reedsburg. Herman's Motor Clinic in Baraboo. The OLD Baraboo INN on Baraboo's South Side and The Green and Gold Experience Inflatables .

 We are taking applications from drivers who would be interested in particpating at the Oshkosh Speedzone as part of thier Fall Classic on Saturday night, Sept.8th . We would like to Run an 80 lap Feature with ALL visiting V8 steet stocks/pure stocks and Six cylinder cars OR an 80 lap feature for the Four cylinder bandit/hornet cars. If any drivers have an interest in that event, please call 608 393-6705. 


Sorry !! The Gladiator Racing Series has had to cancel it's event at The Oshkosh Speedzone because of RAIN.  

 We are  currently in the process of trying to reschedule an event with the Oshkosh speedzone for this year. If any drivers would be interested in participating at the Speedzone's Fall Classic on Sept.7-8. Please contact Mike Hennessy at 608 393-6705.

 Our Next Event already on Schedule. The Dells Raceway Park on Sept. 9th. Twin 125's for the V8 Cars and Twin 75's for the Four cylinders.


This Sunday, the Gladiator Racing Series visits the Oshkosh Speedzone after a long two month break in the schedule and we are eager to get the wheels turning and the mud –a-slinging at the 1/3 mile dirt track 

  Pit gates open at 9:30am and Grandstands open at 12 noon. Races will start at 1pm and we should be done by 4, for those who need a Sunday rest before work on Monday.

We have had many calls from local area drivers and are expecting a good field of cars at this event. I’d like  to ask all drivers and race fans to make the trip  to the Speedzone  on Sunday and be ready for a full day of racing with over 350 laps planned, even though, the weather forecasts are calling for a 50%chance of rain. Last year, the rain went around the Speedzone on race day and we had one of the best shows of the year. This time around, I predict another great show without rain and even if it rains a little, the Grandstands are covered so the spectators will always be dry.

I’ve been making rounds to all the Auto parts stores in the Oshkosh area, handing out FREE 2 for 1 grandstand admission tickets for the race event. I urge everyone to visit a local Napa, Oreilly’s or Carquest for those tickets . The general cost for adults is only $7 but there is nothing better than a full day of racing, for only $3.50 each, if you bring a friend or a date.  I hope to see you all, On Raceday!!


The Gladiator Racing Series is set to visit the Oshkosh Speedzone on Sunday August 26th with over 400 laps of side by side action planned.

Pit gates will open at 9:30 am, with practice at 10 am.  The grandstands will open at noon with admission for adults only $7, Children get in FREE and Race action begins at 1pm.


   ON Schedule: Twin 100 lap features for the V8 classes with a mandatory refueling pit stop at Lap 50. An invitation has gone out to all surrounding area  Pure Stock (Enduro Cars), Street Stocks, IMCA street stocks,  and Hobby Stocks  to join the V8 Outlaw class events and run for a Possible $300-$500 payday. Adjustments have been made to the Outlaw class rules  to allow visiting cars to run with a Minimum weight of  3200lbs with no other requirements. Any 8” tire is allowed, whether it is Goodyear, Hoosier, McCreary , American Racer, or DOT brand.  

 Also on the schedule: Twin 75 lap features for the Four cylinders with a chance for someone to take home $200-$400 at the end of the day .  An invitation goes out to all area 4 cylinder class cars, classified as Bandits, Hornets, Dirt devil, Compacts or Sport 4’s. If any drivers are interested in getting more information about our Race organization and our visit to The Oshkosh Speedzone please call Mike Hennessy at 608 393-6705.



NEXT EVENT:  The Oshkosh Speedzone Aug . 26th    

The Gladiator Racing Series visits The Oshkosh Speedzone on Aug . 26 with twin 100 lap V8 features and twin 75 lap Four cylinder feature events.  All surrounding area Hobbystocks, street stocks, bombers. hornets, bandits and bumble bees are invited to particpate.The pit gates will open at 9:30 am. practice begins at 10 with races starting at 1pm.

Grandstands will open at 12 noon with Tickets priced at $7 for adults,Children under 10 are free.

NOTE:  Sorry,We have had to cancel the Event which was Pending for The Milwaukee Mile due to lack of sponsorship funding. If we obtain the adequate sponsorship for that event, in the near future. WE will notify all drivers and reschedule it for later this year. ALSO: We are still in the process of rescheduling the event at the Grundy County speedway. Please stay tuned for more information.



 The Gladiator Racing Series is sorry to announce the cancelation of our race event scheduled for July 8th at the Grundy County fairgrounds.  Due to some unforeseen issues,we are unable to hold our BEMA INC. sponsored Day at the Races but we will be working with the Grundy County Speedway, to reschedule an event in the future.


    Our sincere apologies go out to BEMA INC. ‘s owner Glen Galloway and Gerry Galloway  because we had to cancel. The Gladiator Racing Series considers all sponsors to be a vital part of our organization and we will always try to represent every person and company to the best ability through the entire year and years to come.



NEXT EVENT: The Gladiator Racing Series is headed to The Grundy County Speedway on July 8th  for the Bema INC. Sponsored Day at the races.  With Bema, It’s in the BAG!!  Special race event funding By Bema INC. and  Gerry Galloway with Advanced Refractory have  given a guaranteed $250 towards each winner of the Feature Races in the Pure Stock V8 class.. The The standard payout based on car counts will also be given in each class and IF there are more than 25 cars in each class, It could be a VERY Big Pay day for any driver.


  All Grundy County Street stocks, Illiana Turbo Stox and Rockford Road Runners are invited to take the V8 challenge .All Rockford Area bandits, Hornets, Grundy county pure stocks and any area 4 cylinder compact- hornets  are invited to run against some of the best drivers in the Midwest, a Battle of Car, driver and equipment. DO You Have What It takes?

The Race-day will start and pit gates will open at 9:30 am with Open practice at 10. The Grandstands will open at 12 noon ,with admission prices for adults just $7 , Kids 10 and under are free. The first of twin 75 lap four cylinder features will start at 1:00 pm and The First of twin 125 lap v8 Feature races will follow. Check us out on facebook. Our website is(www.racethegladiators.com)

 So far this season, we have seen many New faces in Victory lane and with three races completed  so far, the Points chase is a tight battle in many areas. Matt Born Leads the Outlaw Stock Class , Jasper Drengler leads the V6 Class, Gerry Galloway Leads the Pure Stock V8 Class by Just 5 points over Craig Phillips,  Jacob Balk Leads the Bandit 4 Class  by 5 points over Randy Padfield and Kyle Padfield Leads the Warrior(Stock) 4 class over Brad Nelson by just 5 points. The race at the Grundy County Speedway could be the Event that Changes History for some of these drivers.

   Stay cool this week and I Hope to see you all ,on Raceday!!


Larry Moen, Mark Fogel, Jasper Drengler,

           Kyle Padfield, Jacob Balk, Jay Orr,

    Gerry Galloway and Roger Stephenson Visit

Victory lane at The columbus 151 Speedway


 The Gladiator Racing Series visited Columbus 151 Speedway on Sunday June 24th for The Tom Nevoso Memorial Race and eight different winners, visited victory lane.  Good, competitive racing throughout the day and new competitors visiting the Series from the local tracks , provided an excellent show for the fans that came to watch.


   Chaplain Todd Christopherson lead the pre-race activities with a special commencement reading about the late Tom Nevoso’s Life. Followed by a ceremonial three flag solute with Tom’s family on hand, during the national anthem.

  When It was time to go racing, The bandits and warrior 4’s made their way onto the track for their first of twin 84 lap Feature races. A tribute to Tom and his car #84.  When the checkered flag waived ,Last year’s Champion Kyle Padfield in the #27 ford probe claimed victory and took top honors in the Warrior 4 class. Jacob Balk  in the #13 finished 2nd and claimed top honors in the Bandit class. Brad Nelson in the #21 finished third, Dave Lembke in the #06 finished 4th, Al Bartels in the# 12 finished 5th , Randy Padfield in the #2 finished #6,  and Steve Rozek in the #6 finished 7th

 After the first  4 cylinder event. The V8 Outlaw stocks and Pure stocks along with three v6 entrants joining in, made their way to the track for their first of twin 125 lap features . At the finish ,The #10 Outlaw stock of Larry Moen  claimed victory over the field with the #44 of Matt Born finishing 2nd . Mark Fogel finished 3rd, driving the #72 and claimed the top spot in the Pure stock V8 class. The #67 of Ryan Nuti finished 4th,The #4 of Darryl Traber finished 5th , The #372 of Dave Edwards finished 6th , The #8440 of Mike Hennessy Sr. Finished 7th and the V6 #10 of jasper Drengler finished 8th and took top honors in the V6 class.

 At Halftime, The Andrews Agency from Baraboo Wisconsin organized a classic car ride and parade for the fans.  Ron Mortimer driving a 1970 Dodge Charger, Ike Andrews (Owner of The Andrews Insurance Agency) driving a 1966 Ford Fairlane convertible, Ted Erhardt driving a 1967 Ford Fairlane and Mark Meadon driving a 1963 ½ Ford Galaxy  were able to display their automobiles while  also giving rides on the track. Everyone seemed to have a great time during the intermission.

 After the Break, The 4 cylinders came out for the  2nd feature event and when the checkered flag fell. Jay Orr  had placed his 8 teen Bandit  car into victory lane with a dominant performance. The #6 of Steve Rozek finished 2nd, Jake Balk finished 3rd , Kyle Padfield finished 4th and took top honors for the second time, in the warrior 4 class, Dave Lembke finied 5th and Al Bartels finished 6th

 For the final race of the day, The V8’s were lined up for their  second 125 lap event  and the green flag was thrown. In the end , Larry Moen was able to take his #10 Outlaw stock to the front and into victory lane for the second time of the day.  Rodger Stephenson finished 2nd overall but placed 1st in the V6 class with his v6 Powered Jefferson Road Runner. Matt Wachuta in the #30 finished 3rd ,Gerry Galloway finished 4th and claimed top honors in the Pure Stock class, The #67 of Ryan Nuti finished 5th, The #12 of Craig Phillips finished 6th , The #4 of Darryl Traber finished 7th


 The Next event for The Gladiator Racing Series will be at The Grundy County Speedway in Morris IL. on July 8th. We will be having Twin 125 lap V8 & V6 feature events, Sponsored By Bema INC and a special Guarantee of $250 to WIN the Pure stock Class in each feature. By Gerry Galloway and Advanced Refractory.

  All Rockford Roadrunners, Grundy County Street stocks and ILLIANA Turbo Stox are invited to take part in our  V8 events and all Rockford Hornet, Bandit, Grundy County 4 cylinder and Illiana  4 cylinder pure stock class drivers are invited to come join us for twin 75 lap 4 cylinder features.










             The Tom Nevoso Memorial                                     June 24th at The Columbus 151 Speedway


      The Gladiator Racing Series Visits the Columbus 151 speedway on June 24 for the Tom Nevoso Memorial . An invitation goes out to all race Fans and Drivers, to help us Honor a  past competitor who died from a heart attack, while participating in a Gladiator Racing event last year. Tom  changed people’s  lives with His attitude and Team LandShark . He is well known through Southern Wisconsin from competing at Lake Geneva Speedway in His purple #84.

  Pit gates will open at 9:30 am, Drivers will be able to practice and tune their cars before our event. Grandstands open at noon, and Racing Ceremonies start at 1pm. Come one, come all, I look forward to seeing you. On race day.




Rockford Speedway, JUNE 10TH, 2012

It was a Very Warm Sunday afternoon as the Gladiator Racing Series visited Rockford Speedway on June 10th . Low driver participation and Warm temperatures forced officials to make changes in the Race format , limiting the 4 cylinder’s to Running Twin 50’s instead of Twin 75’s and also limiting the V8’s to Twin 75’s instead of Twin 125’s.

At day’s end, we had 8 new winners in victory lane. Phil Speciale, Gerry Galloway, Jason Parkes, Jacob Balk, Rick Zifco ,Matt Born , Brad nelson and Jasper Drengler.

      The race day Began with the First 50 lap Four cylinder feature Sponsored by Rick’s Towing and Recovery in Elgin IL. The #0 of Rick Zifco started up front and held off the challenges that were thrown at him during the race, leading every lap of the event and going on to His First Gladiator Racing Series Bandit Victory. A Hard charging  #21  Brad nelson finished 2nd    and took Top honors in the Warrior 4 Class. The #7 Scott Schlafke finished 3rd, the #13 of Jacob Balk finished 4th ,The #2  Taylor Dawson  finished 5th , the # 27  Kyle Padfield finished 6th ,  the #78 Jeremia Rychecky finished 7th , The #3 of Joie Dennis finished 8th , the #2 Randy Padfield finished 9th   The #33 Matt Jerry finished 10th , the #3 Joie Dennis finished 11th The #88  Joie Dennis Jr. finished 12th  and The #9  Kevin Gentry finished 13th .

   In the first 75 lap V8 Feature sponsored by Phil Speciale and MAC TOOLS. The #4 of Darryl Traber lead them to the green but gave way to the hard charging #12 of Craig Phillips . A very quick #10 being driven by Phil Speciale was making his presence felt and eventually he  got around  Traber and Phillips to set the race pace. The #3 of Gerry Galloway was patiently on the move, getting past Traber and then around Phillips in his pursuit of Speciale but the cars ran in that order for a long time and near the end of the race, Traber had some car troubles. Phil Speciale took his first victory of the season in the #10 Monte Carlo ,The #3  Bema Chevrolet of Galloway was 2nd, the #12 of  Craig Phillips was 3rd , the #44 of Matt Born was 4th overall but took top honors in the Outlaw V8 class, The 8440 car of Mike Hennessy Sr. was 5th , The #74 of Gary Paulick finished 6th , Jasper Drengler was 7th overall but took Top honors in the v6 class, The #266 of Ken Hocking was 8th, The #48 of Gerald Hayes was 9th,  and The #372 of Randy Gelden was 10th

    After the First V8  Feature was completed, the cars wer aligned for the start of the second 50 lap Four cylinder feature sponsored by Sevcik Race Engines in Des Plaines. The cars of  #33  Matt Jerry and #88 Joie Dennis Jr. lead them to green but their stay at the front was short lived. The #21 of Brad Nelson  made a power move and claimed the top spot followed by the #13 of Jacob Balk. Meanwhile, The #0 of Rick Zifco was coming through the field in search of his second win on the day and last event’s winner  ,#7 Scott Schlafke took the second spot from Balk. A few laps later, Schlafke had some mechanical problems and was forced to retire. Zifco had now raced into the 3rd spot  and was chasing down the two at the front, when he too, had mechanical problems. Nearing the end. The #2 of Randy Padfield and the #27 of Kyle Padfield had moved into the top 4 and that’s the way they finished.  #21 Brad Nelson took  the checkered flag, and first in the Warrior 4 class, The #13 of Jacob Balk finished 2nd overall but claimed the first place trophy in the Bandit class,  The #2 of Randy Padfield was 3rd, The #27 of Kyle Padfield was 4th , The # 33 of Matt Jerry was 5th,  and The #3 of joie Dennis Sr. was 6th.

    For the Final race of the day, The V8’s were  aligned for the start of the second 75 lap feature sponsored by Emil’s Garage in South Elgin.  The #48 Gerald Hayes lead the field to green and held the Top spot for 3 laps  until the hard charging Outlaw Stock #44 of Matt Born made the move to the front. The #3 of Gerry Galloway had come from the back of the pack to move into the 2nd spot,  The #12 of Craig Phillips moved into 3rd and the #4 of Darryl Traber moved into 4th . At lap 15,   Matt Born suffered some mechanical failures, forcing him into the pits, giving the top spot to Galloway. Meanwhile, The #10 of Phil Speciale had moved into 4th and then into 3rd around Traber but unfortunately his time was short, His transmission let go and he was forced to retire  at lap 30. This gave room to some new Names in the top 7. Ken Hocking in the #266 , Gabriel Alvarado driving in relief for Mike Hennessy Sr in the #8440 car and  Rookie Randy Gelden in the #372.  Galloway was setting a blistering pace and driving to ultimate extremes but the #4 of Traber had something left and was putting the pressure on Galloway from the second spot. In the end, Galloway was able to hold off the challenge. Taking his First Feature  WIN in the Pure stock Class, The #4 of Darryl Traber was 2nd,  The #372 of Randy Geldon was 3rd,  The #8440 of Gabe Alvarado was 4th. The #12 of Craig Phillips was 5th ,The #48 of Gerald hayes was 6th , The #71 of Jason Parkes was 7th overall and First in the V6 Class, and The #266 of Ken Hocking was 8th.

  Special Thanks to the Sponsors of our event at Rockford Speedway

Mac tools and  Phil Speciale

Sevcik Race Engines in Des Plaines

Emil’s garage in South Elgin IL.

Rick’s Towing and Recovery in Elgin


Our next event is Scheduled for June 24th at the                         Columbus 151 Speedway

             The Tom Nevoso Memorial Race.

    Tom unexpectedly passed away due to  heart failure, while participating in a Gladiator Series Race event at the Columbus 151 Speedway last year. We would like to invite all race fans and anyone who knew Tom Nevoso and TEAM LANDSHARK in some way, to come and enjoy the show. We will be having a special ceremony on that day and if anyone would like to add or take part in that, I’d like to hear ideas.   




Coming to 


 On Sunday, June 10th, The Gladiator Racing Series invades The Rockford Speedway with the Traveling Hobby-Stock and Bandit  Drivers.  

There has been great interest from NEW Competitors for this upcoming event and a large field of cars is expected.


  We will be running Twin 75 lap features for the 4 cylinder Bandit and Warrior Stock 4’s  with twin 125’s for the V8 Outlaw stock and Pure stock classes. Pit gates will open at 9:30 am and after a  safety inspection, cars will be allowed to Practice. Race action will begin at 1pm. A reminder to ALL, THIS IS NOT AN ENDURO. The New program is meant to  provide a Clean endurance type of race action for the competition.  Caution flags, Race restarts,  and no jam truck.

 All Rockford road runners , and Hornets are invited to join the action, along with any past drivers who might have a car resting peacefully in the garage.  Car entry for Sunday’s event is only $50 and that includes a transponder for accurate scoring. Each Person entering the Pit area will be charged $25 for a pit pass and ALL Drivers are guaranteed $35 tow Money for their effort.

  WARNING!! This form of racing is extremely demanding. Every Driver will  be challenged mentally and physically along with their equipment.. The drivers who have been competing in this series for many years have trained themselves properly and are the BEST in the Midwest. As owner/promoter of this Series, I challenge every driver in the state of Illinois and Wisconsin to come and see if you can prove yourself as one of the BEST


SIX different winners in Victory lane at


                  Dells Raceway Park


 The Gladiator Racing Series began the 2012 Season at the Dells Raceway Park on Sunday May 20th and even though the Local weather was calling for a 60% chance of rain. The Race events were completed and 6 different winners, went to victory Lane.

   The Raceday was scheduled for twin 75 Lap ,4 cylinder Feature events along with Twin 125 Lap ,V8 feature events but  because of a low car count in all the divisions,  Series management made the call to Run Twin 125 lap Events with ALL cars competing at the same time. The field consisted of  1-V6, 2- Bandits, 9-Warrior 4’s(Enduro stock), 2- Outlaw street stocks and 10 Pure stock V8 Cars. Even though some drivers were a little hesitant about the mixture, both races were run safely with minimum complications on track. The  events provided a good show for the race fans and most of the drivers were satisfied with the clean, side by side, action.

Victory Lane 

   In the first 125,  The #44 Outlaw V8 Impala of Matt Born and the #48 Pure stock V8 of Gerald Hayes led the field to green. Born led the first 20 circuits and then,  The #54 Outlaw V8 of Mark Pluer grabbed the top spot and showed his experience. Meanwhile, Kyle Stark driving the #192  Four cylinder Nissan Bandit, was on the prowl . He hunted Pluer down and took over the top spot on lap 28 ,never looking back.  Born was holding onto third when he began having car troubles at lap 60. The cars of Scott Schlafke in the #7 Warrior 4(Enduro) Class and Mike Hennessy SR. in  the #8440 V8 Pure stock Class moved into the top 5 with consistent laps. The #3 of Gerry Galloway,# 39 Aaron Wilke, and #10 of John Miller had also moved into the top 8, all three showed signs of being contenders for a win in the V8 Pure Stock Class.

 After the mandatory pit stop at lap 63. The field had realigned with Kyle stark out front, Mark Pluer running close behind , Mike Hennessy sr. in 3rd,  and Scott Schlafke  in 4th . At Lap 83  Hennessy and Pluer touched briefly as they exited turn 2 ,with Hennessy blowing a right front tire and sending him into the pits for repair. Meanwhile, Schlafke Moved into third and Gerry Galloway into 4th. The cars of John Miller and Aaron Wilke were battling hard for the 5th spot with Wilke Coming out ahead .

  At the end of the First 125 Feature event Kyle Stark took top honors in the 4 cylinder Bandit Class, Scott Schlafke took top honors in the Warrior 4 (Enduro Class) Mark Pluer took top honors in the V8 Outlaw Stock Class, Gerry Galloway took top honors in the V8 Pure Stock Class and Jasper Drengler won the V6 Class. Race finishing order: Kyle Stark 1st,Mark Pluer 2nd,Scott Schlafke 3rd,Gerry Galloway 4th ,Aaron Wilke Placed 5th, John Miller 6th, Kyle Padfield 7th, Jay Orr in 8th,Brad Nelson in 9th, Gerald Hayes 10th  Mike Hennessy Sr 11th ,Randy Padfield 12th , Gary Stark 13th, Kenneth Hocking 14th Craig Phillips 15th ,Al Bartels 16th Jake Balk 17th ,Scott Blanke 18th , Matt Born 19th,Ryan Nuti 20th , Al Kuphal 21st, Brad Jones 22nd, Matt Wiegerling 23rd, Jasper drengler 24th .

  The  second 125 Lap feature event went green with the previous race winners starting up front and Mark Pluer in the #54 Monte carlo jumped into the early Lead with Kyle Stark in His #192 Nissan on his tail. The #7 Nissan of Scott Schlafke was in third ,The #35 Nissan of Gary Stark had overcome his first race troubles and was running 4th and Last Year’s Points champion Kyle Padfield in the #27 Ford probe made his way into the top 5.

The #3 of Gerry Galloway Suffered a flat tire when the His car came together with The #39 dodge of Aaron Wilke early in the event,forcing him to make a break for the pits and ending his chance for a double feature win on the day. The #44 of Matt Born and The #8440 of Mike Hennessy Sr. were in the Hunt again, both moving into the top 5 , as we circled lap 30. Gary Stark Made his presence known , as he made his way by Stark, past Pluer and Took the lead at the 30 lap marker.  Kyle Stark moved into second on lap 45 and the race was on between the two Stark names. Meanwhile, Born  had some troubles and began slowing again, Hennessy Sr. then moved up to 4th, Schlafke remained in 5th .

As we went to the Mandatory Pit stop at lap 63. The top 4 remained the same, BUT when the dust cleared from the pit stops, Hennessy sr. had fallen a few spots,  The #39 of Aaron Wilke ,The #12 of Craig Phillips, The #10 of john Miller and the #55 of Al Kuphal were nose to tail in a battle for the top pure stock position.

  At lap 100 and with 25 laps to go it was Gary Stark out front, followed by Kyle Stark, Mark Pluer, Scott Schlafke, John Miller ,Craig Phillips, Aaron Wilke and Al Kuphal.

  With 4 laps remaining, a caution flag was thrown for a spinning car and the field was brought together for a 5 lap dash to the end. Gary Stark was on point, he had run strong and led many laps,  but now he faced some mechanical problems and when the green flag was waived, he had to retire short of the end. In all the chaos, the field was jumbled , the pressure was on, and at the checkered it was Kyle stark taking his second win of the day in the Bandit Class, Mark Pluer with his double in the Outlaw Class, Scott Schlafke with his double in the Warrior 4(Enduro class) and John Miller taking the Championship trophy in the Pure stock Class. Jasper Drengler rounded out the race winners in his Chimney Mechanix V6 entry.

The race finish was: Kyle Stark 1st Mark Pluer 2nd Scott Schlafke 3rd John Miler 4th ,Craig Phillips 5th , Al Kuphal 6th, Aaron Wilke 7th,Brad nelson 8th Gerald hayes 9th Randy Padfield 10th, Gary Stark 11th, Gerry Galloway 12th, Mike Hennessy Sr. 13th , Jake Balk 14th , Ken Hocking 15th ,Jay Orr 16th  Matt Born 17th , Ryan Nuti 18th , Kyle Padfield 19th Al Bartels 20th,Scott Blanke 21st,  and Jasper Drengler 22nd.

   The next Gladiator Racing Event is Scheduled for Rockford Speedway on June 10th. Scheduled right now, Twin 75 lap , (All 4 cylinders Challenge) and Twin 125’s for the V8 Battle Royal. Payout is based on 25 Cars $500 to WIN.




The 2012  Gladiator Racing Series Begins


                  LET'S GO RACING!!!!!!

 There's a chance for spotted showers this afternon, but we'll get this show moving. Radar is clear,The Wisconsin Dells is ready. We will open the pit gates at 9:30 am , the grandstands at noon and we'll  start the Racing Action at 1pm.

 We are just 1 day away from the Kickoff to our 2012 Gladiator Racing Season .The Weather has been great this week but so far,scattered thunderstorms are predicted for Sunday Afternoon.

   To ALL Drivers:    We will run our program even if we have to delay the action for a time. We want all cars/drivers and fans to get the most from our race and we will make every reasonable decision to provide the Best show for everyone..

  Saturday May 19th will be the Start of the Season for the Dells Raceway Park and new owner Wayne Lensing. The Gladiator Racing Series wishes the Best for Wayne and the Dells Staff for this upcoming Season. We are thankful to bring our series to DRP twice this year, with dates on May 20th and Sept. 9th. DRP will be featuring Late models, sportsman, pure stocks and bandits on the 19th starting at 6:30 pm with a 40 lap late model feature as a headline.  There is Free camping  at the speedway, for anyone who is interested in spending the  entire weekend.

 On  Sunday May 20th, The Gladiator Racing Series Takes to the track with over 400 laps scheduled in a Sponsor Appreciation Day at the races.  Pit gates will open at 9:00am, and racing will start at 1:00pm. Grandstands will open at noon with $7 admission price for adults & Children under 10 will get in free. Two for ONE admission passes can be obtained at any of the Sponsors affiliated with the Gladiator Racing Series(See list below).

  The Gladiator Racing Series will be introducing the NEW Traveling Bandit Series with Twin 75 lap, 4 cylinder feature events and The New look (Run what you brung) Outlaw Street Stock and Pure stock classes running twin 125 lap V8 features.   All Hobby stocks, thunder-stocks, Roadrunners ,6 cylinder race cars, 4 cylinder bandits and  4 cylinder enduro style cars are invited to compete, with trophies available  in 5 different classes. We will be giving Classic car rides for all fans before the races, for all those who want to get onto the track and take a few laps in a classic, Ford, Mopar or Chevy.  All competitors should get there early on Sunday, with pre-race tech, practice for all cars, and car rides for the fans. We have a lot to cover for the day.

 Also ,The Wisconsin Dells Custom car show ”Automotion”  is in town  on that weekend. If you are interested in The Classic  and The Muscle Cars of the olden days ,bring the family and friends for a lot of entertainment.There are alot of things to see and do , in the Dells.

  The Sponsors which help  Our race Series and are vital to Our future: Two For One Tickets available at 

Dale’s Automotive(Lyndon Station) (608)666-2222

The Old Baraboo INN(The Racer's Bar) Baraboo (608)356-2528

Tri-Mark Performance(Engine work) Reedsburg(608)768-2900

Herman’s Motor clinic(Engine rebuilding) Baraboo (608) 356-4732

Leo’s Upper Dells Bar(Lyndon Station) (608)666-2602

Blystone’s Towing and Repair(Portage) (608) 742-4228

The Tire Shop (auto Repair) Portage (608) 566-1711

Napa Parts(Baraboo &Portage) (608)356-3948

The Green and gold experience(Inflatable Rentals) 800-569-6833

Harper’s Auto Salvage(Wi. Dells) (608)254-7971

The JUG(Bar and Grill) Baraboo (608) 356-2660

Andrews Agency(Personalized health insurance)  Baraboo (608) 522-3694

Mac tools(Phil Special)(630) 508-0059

Emil’s garage(South Elgin) (847)888-0448

Rick’s Towing(Elgin IL.) (847) 697-5376

Bema INC.(It’s in the bag) (630)279-7800

Unfortunately, Due to scheduling conflicts.The Gladiator Race Series will not be able to make it to The 37th Annual Lynch GM Superstore "Let's Go Racing" Motorsports & Custom Car Show in Burlinton this coming weekend.   

 The "Let's go Racing" show  is scheduled 10 am- 2pm This Saturday. It is FREE and is Open to All Types of motorsports and custom vehicles.If Anyone is interested in  getting more information or Bringing their race car or hot rod to this event, contact  Mike Babicz      847-838 1535            michaelbabicz@aol.com 



The Gladiator Racing Series will start it's 2012 Season on May 20th

                                          The Dells Raceway Park.

 The New Race Format will feature the Traveling 4 cylinder Bandit Series and twin 75 Lap features for a total of 150 laps. Also, The "Run What you Brung" Outlaw Class, Pure stocks, and 6 cylinders will combine together and compete in twin 125 lap races for a total of 250 laps. 
This is No longer an Enduro Series, We have transformed into a traveling race series and will provide the best opportunity for all competitors and race fans to enjoy the sport at a reasonable cost. If anyone is interested in gaining more information about The Gladiator Racing Series or becoming a marketing partner, Feel free to drop a note.

 ASKING: All Potential Competitors with the Gladiator Racing Series in 2012 !!! Please send updated Team Profile's, Pictures and Sponsor information to Gladiator_Racer@centurytel.net so we can help Promote Your Team on our website.Thank you.
Upcoming Events:

 May 20th The Dells Raceway Park

June 10th Rockford Speedway

June 24th Columbus 151 peedway 

July 8th The Grundy County Speedway

July 21st (Pending) The Milwaukee Mile

August 26th  The Oshkosh Speedzone

September 9th The Dells Raceway Park

Oct 6th (Pending) The Wilmot Raceway







      Come visit The Gladiator Racing Series booth, at the Circle Track Expo.                                                    http://circletrackexpo.com

  Champions Banquet photos. 


2011 Series Award Presentation 


Battle Royale - V8 Pure Stock/Front row, Champion. Ryan Nuti :Back row, left to right  6th place, Gerald Hayes. 7th Place, Brad Jones .8th Place, Gerry Galloway 9th Place John Miller. 4th Place Jay LeBrun. 3rd place, Erik Nevoso and 2nd Place, Mark Fogel.

Warrior 4's - 4 Cylinder / front row,Champion, Kyle Padfield  . Back row, left to right, 2nd Place Jasper Drengler, 4th Place, Randy Padfield. 6th Place, Matt Skarzynski. 7th Place, Leo Bujak. 10th Place, Jay Orr and 5th Place, Al Bartels


 Mad Max 6's Champion Brad Nelson


  Outlaw Stock Class/ 2nd Place Champion. Jake Sproehlich


Banquet and Drivers meeting , January 28th


   The Gladiator Racing Series will be holding its’ Awards banquet on January 28th at the Machine Shed Restaurant in Waukesha WI.  on Tower Plaza road, just off  the interstate 94 and hwy 164 intersection. The banquet will begin at 7pm with dinner and drinks .Champions in each class will be asked to give a little speech and  video clips from the In-car racing footage during the year, will be shown.  The Banquet should be done around 11pm, for all those who must travel a distance home, otherwise, there are many hotels in the area.

  All drivers and crew members are invited . Trophies and plaques will be given to the top 10 in the Pure stock and 4 cylinder classes, with the top 3 getting awards for the Outlaw and 6 Cylinder classes. There will be a $15-$20 Cover charge for all those coming to the banquet.  

   Before the banquet, from 4-6 pm. A drivers meeting will be held to discuss the upcoming seasons rules changes to the Outlaw Class,  introduction of the New Traveling, 4 cylinder Bandit Class and the potential schedule. There will be much to discuss and much to look towards, this upcoming season.   

 Anyone can attend the Banquet and the drivers meeting but I want to request a confirmation from all those who plan to attend the banquet, so the proper amounts of food and refreshments can be catered. I look forward to hearing from those who are coming so please call or write an e-mail.  Michael Hennessy



Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Gladiator Racing Series. 

   With the challenging times in the economy and many people debating whether they have the resources, to go racing next summer: Let us all reflect in this season, on family, on friendships and the real meaning of Christmas.  Some people make more of an effort to give during the Christmas season because of the pressure, to give. Some people  are consumed with life throughout the entire year and need this time to slow down, reflect and give to those who are important to them , However; This should be a time for ALL, to reflect and think upon a man named Jesus,  who was born in a manger, came to this world as GOD in the Flesh and gave himself with a sacrificial Love, to show us what Life and Love is really about.

May the season and New Year bring good things to everyone .  Good Health, Good financial situations and the mental strength when the going gets tough. With only two, sure things in this  life, death and taxes: We also know,there are only 4 months till the start of a new racing season.  If anyone has any questions or comments, please feel free to call or write.

   I  urge everyone to check our Classified section for updates on the cars/ parts for sale. There are many good, fast , dependable cars available.  Also,  A reminder about  the upcoming “Racer’s Auction and Trade Show” at the Alliance Energy Center in Madison on January 6th&7th  and The Lakeshore Motorsports show and sale at the Manitowoc County Expo Center on January 21st.

  For Those who are diehard Drivers. The Chump Car World Series is holding a 14 hour Endurance Race at the Nola Motorsports Park,on January 21st ..  Good Luck to Jasper Drengler and” The Chimney Mechanix Team” from Shawano , who are planning on entering that event. If you have any questions, you can try and contact Him on facebook.

  A Championship Banquet and Rules Meeting is in the planning for January 28th . We will be honoring the top 10 in points in the 4 cylinder and the Pure Stock Classes. We will also be honoring the top 3 in the V6 and the Outlaw Classes. A Rules meeting will be a couple of hours before the Banquet.This will be a Casual affair. Anyone can attend. Stay tuned for further information.


Seasons Greetings !!!

The Gladiator Racing Series wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and Peaceful Holiday season , along with, A Special Thank You, for all who showed support to our Organization through Competition or Grandstand attendance this year.  Plans are currently being made for a Championship Banquet/2012 Rules meeting  sometime in January. Future e-mail and letters will be sent out to all , within the next few weeks. Congratulations going out to Our 4 Class Champions.


 V8 Pure Stock-  Ryan Nuti

V8 Outlaw Stock- Matt Born

4 Cylinder- Kyle Padfield

6 Cylinder- Brad Nelson

Some thoughts : Changes for the Gladiator Racing Series n 2012

1- Longer 4 & 6 cylinder endurance races?

2-Going back to The Milwaukee Mile?

3- Having more Entertainment available at each event,( Backup races, Spin to win races, Bus races,& Other race organizational support)

4-Opening up the Outlaw class(Run what you brung)

5-Eliminating the 4 cylinder enduro class, (Forming a traveling Bandit/Hornet/international Class 200 lap race) 

If anyone has any other thoughts or opinions about The Gladiator racing Series. I would welcome your responses or phone calls.



The Gladiator Season Finale

   We live in a  Great Nation, which has been blessed by God with strong families and a strong people. Many men and woman have lived and died for our freedom and this  gives each of us the ability to work hard , play hard ,and do what we want, each and every day. This leads us to dream and keep moving forward, even when struggles enter in. None of us know how long we will live for, the struggles that lie ahead or the blessings that may come, but all in all, family and friendships help us along this road of life.

This past weekend, this world lost a good man. He died with his boots on, living his dream and driving hard for a win. The Information has been all over the news and airwaves throughout Wisconsin and was released by the USA today.

    On Saturday Night, Oct 29, During a 125 lap endurance race at Columbus 151 speedway. Tom Nevoso, At the young age of 52,passed away from what is being reported as natural causes. By the Medical examiners information, Tom’s Death was not related to anything having to do with driving a race car or the accident that followed. This should be taken to each and everyone’s heart  since most of us  often neglect our own health. We never know when something serious could be lurking in the shadows, whether it's high blood pressure, a potential heart attack,  high cholesterol or a stroke.  We all need to be responsible and take care of ourselves. Tom Leaves behind a Wife(Heidi), 3 children named,Erick, Angela and Chris with a Grandson named Chase - the entire family and all of his friends have lost a great man and in the future the families address will be released so that people can send their best wishes .   

  On Saturday Oct 29th. The North(ISS) vs South(Gladiator Racing Series) held an event at the Columbus 151 Speedway with a 300 lap 4 cylinder race and a scheduled 125 Lap large car race. Eddie Muenster took home top honors in the 4cylinder 300 lap endurance race With Jasper Drengler representing the Gladiator Series,  finishing 11th, out of 80 cars that started the race. Alan Bartels finished15th, Kyle Padfield finished 28th , Randy Padfield finished 60th, Brad Nelson 63rd and Pat Babino 77th , Unfortunately, Tony Prietzel was not able to take the green.

  The 125 lap large car race had a mixture of cars, new names and lots of action until the race was cancelled at lap 81 due the accident which involved Tom Nevoso.  In a test session for next year, Mark Johler driving his 4 cylinder Acura , Michael Parkes  driving a 6 cylinder and Tracy Drengler also driving a 6 cylinder, competed with the Pure stock and Outlaw stock class during the race. Even though there was a big difference in speeds and the level of competition, Mark Johler set the fastest speed of the race, and took the lead of that race on the 73rd lap, proving that a stock 4 cylinder can compete the v8 class. Unofficially, Mark Johler was the winner of the race but officially, Ryan Nuti was 1st , in the v8  pure stock class, Mark Fogel 2nd, Tom Barnharst 3rd, Matt Born finished 4th  overall but was 1st  in the Outlaw class, 4th ,Kevin Eddy 5th, , Dave Edwards finished 6thoverall, but 2nd in the Outlaw class, Tony Chase finished 7th overall but 3rd in the outlaw class, Brian Blenker 8th , Louis Chatroop  finished 9th  overall but 4th in the outlaw class ,Mark Tomasi 10th,Tom Ruh 11th,Jay Lebrun 12th,  Miichael Born 13th Miles Bradley 14th, Dave Domingues 15th, Brad Jones 16th, Tom Nevoso 17th, Don Wilson 18th, Jasper Drengler, 19th Michael Parkes finished 20thoverall but placed 1st in the 6 cylinder cars. Matt Arvia 21st, Gerald Hayes 22nd, Tracy Drengler finished 23rd overall but 2nd in the 6 cylinder cars, Julie Hayes 24th Gerry Galloway 25th and Jake Sproehlich 26th

  The Gladiator Endurance Auto Racing Series Ended the 1st season with a heavy heart. Champions were crowned in 4 divisions but these were overshadowed by the Death of Tom Nevoso. A Championship Banquet/rules meeting and future discussion will be in our future but I want to thank everyone who has been patient with our Growth in the 1st year and supported our series within competition. Ryan Nuti Captured the V8 Pure stock Championship, Matt Born Captured the Outlaw class Championship, Kyle Padfield Was our 4 cylinder Champion and Brad Nelson took  Championship honors in the 6 cylinder class. Thank you to all who followed us with a look forward to the future and a special thanks go to all the race tracks that allowed us to hold events, The Dells Raceway Park, The Grundy County Speedway, Columbus 151 Speedway, Rockford Speedway and The Oshkosh Speedzone




Sept 17th , 2011.  Dells Raceway Park. Ryan Nuti and Mark Johler Rise to victory Lane, after a long day of Battle.

 Ryan Nuti Captured his 4th victory of the Season in the Gladiator Endurance Racing Series V8 class and Mark Johler captured his 3rd win of the season, in the small car endurance race at the Dells Raceway Park on Saturday.

  It was a beautiful day at the races. The Gladiator Racing Series along with the Small Car Nationals invaded the Dells Raceway Park for a full day of  racing action, including thirteen American Supercup cars and eight Wisconsin Sport Trucks on hand. The Supercup cars and the Trucks provided  great side by side action for the fans , with Jake Boldig taking Top honors in the Wisconsin Sport Trucks and Mick Ellis taking Top honors in the American Supercup Series.

   The Gladiator Series/Sponsor Appreciation 125  Small car enduro rolled onto the track with 16 cars taking the green and the cars of Andy Portzen and Charlie Frisch on the front row.  Portzen shot out to an early lead as Frisch fell in Line and was quickly overtaken by the hard charging Leo Bujak, moving him back to 3rd .  The Red Flag was displayed for a Loose tire off the car of Brad Nelson just 5 laps into the race and that shuffled the field drastically ,when only a few cars noticed the Red. When the race resumed, Mark Johler made his presence felt, as he moved into 3rd  with Bujak pressuring Portzen for the lead.  Everyone knew it was going to  be a day of Endurance.

 It was a 3 car battle now, Johler moved around Bujak for 2nd , with Kyle Padfield(the Series Point leader), and Robert Johler moving into the top five. On Lap 50, something seemed to be amiss, on the  Bujak car, as he was off the pace and looking for the pits. Meanwhile, Johler and Portzen were battling hard  for the lead  as they came to the Mandatory Pit stop/refueling Break on lap 62.  

When the race resumed,   Mark Johler and Portzen  started on point and  both had a quick start, pulling  away from the field. Robert Johler moved into 3rd putting Padfield back to 4th, Frisch was running 5th and Randy Padfield was in 6th. Twelve year old Riley Zillmer,  in his first endurance race, moved patiently into the top 8.  Mark Johler took the lead and never looked back after that, leading the remaining laps and taking the win.   Mark Johler Wins, the Gladiator racing /Sponsor Appreciation 125 .The finishing order was Mark Johler 1st, Andy Portzen 2nd Robert Johler 3rd Kyle Padfield 4th Charles Frisch 5th Randy Padfield 6th  Riley Zillmer 7th Burt Young 8th Dave Lembke 9th Allen Bartels 10th Jasper Drengler 11th Jason Barron 12th Matt Skarzynski 13th Leo Bujak 14th Nathan Preston 15th  and Brad Nelson 16th overall but the only car and winner of the 6 Cyl. Division.

The Gladiator Series /Sponsor Appreciation 250 rolled onto the track with 17 cars in the lineup . Darryl Traber started on the front row and took the early lead,  with many cars shuffling, trying to avoid the car of Tom Nevoso after his car stalled on the front straight.  As The field started to close in on Nevoso , he was able to start his car and get moving before he went a lap down. Meanwhile, The car of Jay Lebrun started to challenge Traber for the lead with Kevin Eddy 3rd and Matt Born 4th .

With ten laps in the book. Jay Lebrun took the lead and was setting a very fast pace, Traber was close, John Miller  moved his car around Eddy and Born to take over the 3rd spot but Born was on a Mission. Born moved into 3rd a few laps later and then took over the 2nd spot from Traber on lap 30. At Lap 35, Born was bumper to bumper with Lebrun as Miller moved into 3rd and Mark Fogel moving into the top 5.

With just a few laps before the first Pit stop and break. Born moved into the top spot sending LeBrun to 2nd  When the field came to the break it was Born 1st, Lebrun 2nd Miller 3rd Traber 4th and Fogel 5th.

  When the cars emerged from the pits to start the second round, it was Born 1st  Ryan Nuti  came to the front row with another quick stop  by his crew in 2nd, Lebrun 3rd  , (Big Al) Kuphal was in 4th  , Fogel 5th  Miller 6th and Nevoso, who almost lost a Lap early, now in the 8th spot.

 The green flag waved once again and the Born machine was  setting a very fast pace now, He was the car to beat early. The car of Fogel seemed to be on a mission as he moved into 4th on lap 85 and quickly closed in on the 3rd spot . Nevoso was also on the move, capturing 7th . on lap 88.

    At lap 114 and with 10 laps remaining until the second Pit stop and break ,there was a  blown radiator and fluids down on the track, shuffling a mixture of drivers.   The field started to slow with many close calls and  the potential for some bad accidents but the they stayed under green and Fogel  moved into 2nd ,Big Al moved into 3rd and Nevoso moved into 4th. A few laps Later, everyone was back up to full speed and that took us to the 2nd  pit stop and break at lap with Born leading the field into the pits.

The race resumed at lap 125 and again, Ryan Nuti had come to the front row with an excellent job by his pit crew, Fogel was now 2nd with Nevoso in 3rd , Big Al in 4th Born 5th and Miller in 6th . Fogel put pressure on Nuti as soon as the green flag was dropped and then took the top spot  at lap 135.  Nuti chased him, Born moved from 5th all the way to 3rd  and it looked like a 3 car battle was brewing between Fogel, Nuti and Born. The top 3 looked to be the class of the field ,with Nevoso, holding his own in 4th.  The field was strung out with many little battles everywhere.

 At Lap 145, Fogel’s  car  blew an engine and erupted in a cloud of smoke as he was heading down the backstretch. Handing the lead  back to Nuti.  Born then seemed to have some troubles dropping to 3rd and giving 2nd to Nevoso . Meanwhile, David Dominguez looped his car on the front straight sending all the others scrambling to avoid him. The Jam truck was called and safely pushed him backwards and off the track during the racing action ,but back on the track, the action was  fierce between many competitors, as Gerry Galloway and Jay Lebrun traded some paint battling for the 7th position.

 A new name entered the top 5 , when Tom Barharst  made his presence felt and captured 5th spot, then he moved into 4th a few laps later. Nevoso took advantage of the issues on the track, and chased Nuti down, passing him for the lead on lap 64,  and as they went into the final Pit stop and break, it was Nevoso, Nuti, Barnharst , Born and Eddy your top 5.

  Nevoso emerged from the break with an outstanding pit stop by His crew, Nuti was at his side, Miller had come to 3rd, and Barnharst was 4th . When the cars went to  Green, they had 62 laps remaining  and this would be all or nothing, to the end. Nuti outdueled Nevoso for the point on lap 60,  and started to pull away, Barnharst,  started to close in on Nevoso for 2nd.  and Eddy and Born were in a tough battle for 4th.

 With 50 laps to go , Miller moved back into the top 5, and Nevoso had gotten his groove back , as he started to chase Nuti back down for the top spot. With 40 to go, Nevoso was on Nuti’s bumper and some lapped traffic allowed him to get by and take the lead. The top 5 cars were all on the lead lap and this was going to be a close finish.

Nuti was desperate for the win and as the lead cars approached some slower traffic with 30 laps to go, Nuti hit and bounced off the backstretch wall , giving an edge to Nevoso for a few more laps. Yet, Nuti was determined, chasing down Nevoso with his fastest speeds of the race, and with 20 to go, He regained the lead and pulled out to a 3 car advantage. With Just ten laps to go, it was Nuti, Nevoso, Barnharst, Miller and Born and that was the way they Finished. Ryan Nuti Picked up The Big Check and The Big Trophy for winning the Gladiator Racing/Sponsor Appreciation 250 at the Dells Raceway Park

   Final Positions, Ryan Nuti 1st, Tom Nevoso 2nd, Tom Barnharst 3rd  John  Miller 4th , Matt Born 5th (1st Place Outlaw stock) Kevin Eddy 6th Jay LeBrun 7th Miles Bradley 8th Darryl Traber 9th Jake Sproelich 10th(2nd Place, Outlaw stock) David Dominguez 11th Brad Jones 12th Gerald hayes 13th (Big Al) Kuphal 14th  Gerry Galloway 15th  Mark Fogel 16th  Rob Christen 17th


Aug 13th.   Fogel and Orr Win at the Oshkosh Speed Zone.

   The Gladiator Endurance Auto Racing Series invaded The Oshkosh Speed Zone on Aug 13th   and with Rain looming and doubts stirring, the races were completed without any problems.  At the end of the day, Mark Fogel and Jay Orr took the top honors in tight fought battles through each of their race events. Fogel Captured the Chimney Mechanix 150 V8 Series enduro race and Orr Captured the One-6 Motorsports   100 lap Small Car enduro event.

  To start the day, sixteen 4 cylinders and One 6 cylinder took to the track for The One-6 Motorsports 100 lap Enduro race. The sun had just peaked out from behind the clouds and the track was Looking good.  Problems arose Immediately for the pole sitter Matt Skarzynski, forcing him off the track and  ending his day with electrical issues. When the race eventually started, Jasper drengler made a charge to the front, with the cars of Jay Orr and Kyle Padfield in tow. Many cars Jockeyed for position, and race day rookies Brad Bahr and Justin Vannieuhoven were in the mix at the front of the field. By Lap 20, the trio of Drengler, Padfield and Orr were three wide for the lead, going down the back stretch. Orr made the entry into turn three with the lead and started to set the pace but just a few laps later, the RED Flag was waved for two bouncing loose wheels, bringing everyone to a stop. After the track was cleared, the race resumed  and Drengler taking over the top spot with Orr in hot pursuit.

  At Lap 50, all cars were required to make a mandatory Pit stop. This would help crews inspect their cars and perform preventive maintenance if needed. A few cars did not stop in their pit stalls and chose to pass through the pits on a drive through, so they could be out front when the race resumed. As the field realigned coming out of the pit stop, it was Drengler, Padfield, Orr, Bahr and Vannieuhoven. The top five.

  The rolling restart at lap 51 jumbled the field again as the cars of Padfield and Orr shot past Drengler.  This put Padfield at the point and Orr second, but just a lap later, Orr took the lead away from Padfield and started pulling away. Drengler then battled with Padfield to take the second spot, moving Padfield to third, Vannieuhoven was 4th, Bahr was 5th and  and another race day rookie, Josh Roehl  moved into 6th.

    As the Laps counted down, Roehl was the on the move. He took over the 5th spot with 20 to go, and with 15 to go, He  then moved into 4th .  Out front, Orr continued to pull away from Drengler and as they came to the checkered. It was Orr 1st, Drengler 2nd, Padfield 3rd, Roehl 4th and Vannieuhoven 5th  the rest of the field were Jacob Balk 6th Scott Schlafke 7th,Allen Bartels 8th  Pat Babanow 9th Jeremy Walvoored 10th Derrick Bernard 11th Rachel Czarapata 12th Brad Nelson Finished 13th overall and 1st place in the 6 cyl. class, Chad Riehl 14th , Chris Roehl 15th, Matt Wiegerling 16th  and  Matt Skarzynski 17th  

 Fourteen V8’s entered the track for The Chimney Mechanix 150 Lap Enduro Race.  The drivers would need to be ready for the challenge of the changing track conditions and the glare of a setting sun.

  Ken Childre and Tom Barnharst led the field to the green flag to start the race and with dirt flying and almost zero visability because of the sunlight on the back stretch, Childre was able to lead the first lap. Barnharst followed, Larry Born was 3rd Jessie jollie was 4th and Mark Tomasi was 5th.  Also,Charging through the field were the cars of Mark Fogel and race favorite Darryl Traber.

   Fogel was not wasting anytime as he took over the second spot on lap 6 and moved into the lead at lap 9. Traber wasn’t loosing ground either, as he took his car into the 2nd spot , moving  Barnharst back to 3rd and Childre to 4th . On Lap 14 Matt Born hit a tractor tire which rolled onto the track and brought out a temporary Red Flag to stop the the action, but fortunately, the tire rolled right back off  the track and once again, the green flag waved. The race order was, Fogel, Traber, Childre, Mike Watson, and Ryan Nuti as the cars went back to speed.

  On lap 32, the car Driven by Ron Mortimer had a right front tire go flat and he exited the track for service as the battle for the lead started between Darryl Traber and Mark Fogel. Traber would eventually take over the lead on lap 40. He would then lead for the next ten laps and right into the mandatory fuel stop at lap 50.

  With the cars lined up after their refueling stop, Nuti had come to the point with Mark Tomasi 2nd, Fogel 3rd and the lapped car of Ron Mortimer up front.  With the rolling re-start to begin lap 51, Fogel wasted little time and went to the front with Childre 2nd and Traber following in 3rd .. Nuti was shuffled back to 4th and Watson was 5th. The cars ran that way for ten laps and then Traber made the move on Childre  to take over second and at the same time, Watson Got around Nuti for fourth.

  On lap 62 ,  Traber started challenging Fogel for the lead, But Watson was on the move . Watson’s car seemed to be the best on the track at that time and he calmly made the move into 3rd past Childre and then took over 2nd from Traber just a lap later. Eager to challenge Fogel for the lead, Watson pushed  Fogel into a neck and neck battle over the next 10 laps, with each trading the top spot a few times.  Fogel, Watson and Traber were the  fastest cars on the track. Each car had a great chance at the win if in the end, their cars would last.

   While the leaders battled , Race day rookie Ron Mortimer would end his day with axle problems as the track was developing some nasty ruts, wreaking havoc on all the cars. Fogel had assumed the lead during the battle with Watson and now had a two car advantage coming up to the second Mandatory Pit stop at lap 100. As the caution flew, Fogel 1st Watson 2nd Traber 3rd Nuti 4th Childre 5th and Tomasi 6th

   The stage was set for the final 50 laps of the race but race favorite Traber was held up in the pits with brake troubles. As the cars re-aligned for the rolling re-start it looked like it was going to be just a 2 way battle between Fogel and Watson, with Nuti running 3rd 1 lap off the pace and Childre running 4th, 2 laps down.

 The cars took the green with Just 48 laps remaining and immediately Watson was pressuring Fogel for the race lead. Traber had returned but was now 1 lap down in 4th. Back in the pack Tomasi was running his patient race in 6th and Jessie Jollie was waiting in 7th ,Larry Born was 8th and 77 year old Gerald Hayes was running 9th. .

 With 25 laps remaining, Watson’s  day ended, as his car erupted in a Plume of smoke . The track had claimed another victim and the race wasn’t over yet.  One lap later, the cars of both Traber and Brad Jones slowed but both continued, being so close to the end.  The rest of the field was standing and holding with Fogel 1st Nuti 2nd ,Childre 3rd, Tomasi 4th ,Jesse Jollie 5th  and Gerald Hayed 6th .

   This was Fogels’ day at the races.  He had been 2nd in the past three endurance races and now he was headed to victory Lane. With little pressure from the remaining drivers and the track in such rough condition, Fogel took his time, counted down the laps and when that checkered flag was thrown ,Mark Fogel was named King of The Chimney Mechanix 150 .  The Final standings. Mark Fogel 1st, Ryan Nuti 2nd, Ken Childre 3rd Mark Tomasi 4th , Jesse Jollie 5th , Gerald Hayes 6th Larry Born 7th  Darryl traber 8th Matt Born 9th over all, 1st place Outlaw Class. Mike Watson 10th, Brad Jones 11th, Tom Barnharst 12th , Ron Mortimer 13th  and Emil loose 14th  

 Ryan Nuti , Mark johler and Tiffany Clower stand in Victory Lane, during the Gladiator’s  Visit to Grundy County Speedway.

    July 9th  2011  : The Gladiator Endurance Auto Racing Series returned to the Historic Grundy County Speedway on the eve of July 9th  with three events taking place and one new winner in Victory Lane.

  Ryan Nuti claimed his 3rd win of the year holding off a hard charging Mark Fogel in a very heated battle at the end, during The Olson’s Auto/scrap Metal Recycling 250.

   Mark Johler dominated the small cars with an easy victory in The Olson’s Auto/Scrap metal recycling 125  and Tiffany Blower held of a determined Heidi Nevoso to score a win in the 15 lap Powder Puff Race.

 To kickoff the night,  Three woman took to the track in the powder puff race with local favorite Tiffany Clower racing her four cylinder against two v8’s,  one driven by Erika DeYoung and one driven by Heidi Nevoso. With the countdown to green , Nevoso jumped out to the early lead as DeYoung and Clower challenged eachother for the second spot. Nevoso opened up her lead while the two were battling behind and eventually Clower took over second when DeYoung seemed to have some troubles and brushed the turn four wall.  On the 3rd lap Clower put some pressure on Nevoso and took over the top spot pulling to a slight 3 car length advantage. Nevoso eagerly pursued the leader but was not able to make a serious challenge until the 10th lap when they both caught the car of Erika DeYoung to place her a lap down. The field bunched together for a short time but Clower was able to make the pass leaving Nevoso with the challenge to follow.  Eventually, she also made the pass and started closing in on Clower but time was running out. Going into the final turn as she was closing the gap, Nevoso Spun her car and that gave the Win to Tiffany Clower.   Heidi Nevoso finished second and Erika Deyoung was third.


Mark Johler Wins the Olson’s Auto/Scrap Metal Recycling 125

Jasper Drengler quickly jumped into the lead to the start The Olson’s Auto/Scrap Metal Recycling 125 and  assumed a 3 car advantage over 2ndplace. The cars of Matt Skarzynski, Randy Padfield, Mark Johler , Brad Nelson( driving the only v6 entry) and Evan Townsend followed.  Just 12 laps into the race, Nelson had a flat tire sending him into the pits . Drengler stretched his lead up to 15 car lengths over the field but Mark Johler  was moving with ease , taking over second on lap 13.  Townsend was also in hot pursuit of the leaders, moving into 3rd at lap 20 .   Last events’ winner Leo Bujak seemed to be taking his time as he moved into 5th on lap 21. 

   On lap 22, Drengler’s lead started to disappear as Mark Johler and Townsend closed rapidly and just two laps later, it was a three car battle for the top spot.  With a quick move to the low side, Townsend took the point and  Mark Johler followed ,moving Drengler back to third. The rest of the field had been spread out by this time and the leaders were encountering lapped traffic.

As we hit the 40 lap marker, Townsend was still leading, Mark Johler was second and Drengler was third.  The 6th place car of Matt Skarzynski blew a tire  on lap 41  and bounced hard off the wall, forcing him into the pits  and now, Mark Johler started putting pressure on Townsend for the race lead.  At Lap 60,  Mark Johler finally  took over the top spot as Townsend’s clutch started to fail and Mark’s brother Robert Johler, moved into the top five.  The running order was Mark Johler, Jasper Drengler, Kyle Padfield and Leo Bujak  and Robert Johler.

  With 50 to go, Robert Johler took away the 4th spot, moving Bujak back to 5th. Townsend’s clutch failed and he headed for the pits with 47 to go but the track seemed to be taking it’s toll on all of the competition.  One car, another car, blown tires, overheating, there was only six cars left, in the race with 40 laps to go.. With 30 laps remaining, Padfield moved into second and Robert Johler moved into third just three laps later.  The field remained spread out and without too much action but just as the drivers got  the ten lap to go signal ,Leo Bujak blew a tire sending him to the pits ,short of the end. As they crossed the finish line it was Mark Johler, Kyle Padfield and Robert Johler the top three.

1st Mark Johler 2nd Kyle Padfield,3rd Robert Johler 4th Jasper Drengler 5th Steve Spung 6th Randy Padfield 7th Leo Bujak 8th Evan Townsend 9th Allan Bartels 10th Matt Skarzynski 11th Brad Nelson


Ryan Nuti Wins The Olson’s Auto /Scrap Metal Recycling 250

    Jesse Jollie and Mike Watson started the Olson’s Auto/Scrap Metal Recycling 250 from the front row as seventeen cars took to the track. When the green flag was dropped, Watson, jumped to a quick lead but by the end of the first lap there was a three car battle for the top spot between Mike Watson. Jay Lebrun, and Gerry Galloway . Lebrun raced into the lead as the field  settled in, Galloway took the second spot, Irich Iverson moved into third and Mark Fogel made his presence felt, moving into fifth.

  The track was rumored to be hard on tires and race equipment and it proved to be right. The car of Ken Hocking started smoking heavily just 3 laps in and John Miller had car troubles forcing both to exit for repairs before lap 20 .  The battle for the race lead tightened as Fogel moved into second sending Watson back to third and Ryan Nuti, last events winner, was cautiously moving through the field into the top eight

Again, the track claimed two more drivers , as the car of Ken Childre retired with overheating troubles and Julie Hayes Broke an axle sending her hard into the turn 2 wall, bringing out the full course red flag on lap 41.

  When the green flag waved again, Lebrun was 1st, Fogel 2nd   Nuti 3rd  and Galloway 4th . Immediately, Fogel challenged Lebrun for the lead but Lebrun was not going to give it away easily. Back in the field, Tom Nevoso moved into 4th and Darryl traber moved into 5th . On lap 60, Fogel was finally able to make the pass and lead the field to the Mandatory Refueling stop on lap 63.


When the field of cars  lined up for the rolling green restart, on lap 64, John miller had come to the point with Lebrun 2nd Nuti 3rd Fogel 4th and Nevoso 5th. Lebrun seemed to have some car troubles when the flag was dropped and didn’t get up to speed, allowing the car of Nuti and then Fogel to race to the front and challenge Miller for the lead.  Nuti didn’t waste too much time, as he made the pass heading into corner three, and that also, opened the door for Fogel to slip by, but Fogel wasn’t done yet, as he took the lead from Nuti on the next lap.  Fogel  went to work, extending his lead as Matt Schlick moved into the top 5 and Nevoso captured the 3rd spot from Miller on lap 90.   After that, Miller seemed to have car troubles, falling off the pace just as Lebrun had tire troubles sending both of them, in for repairs.   The cars were spread out over the entire length of the track and this gave way to some wide open racing for the next 10  circuits but as we approached  110 laps completed , the leaders were coming into heavy traffic and it was bunching the top 4 .  Patiently Fogel worked the traffic, and brought them to the red flag/fuel stop with 125 laps remaining in the event. Fogel 1st Nuti 2nd Nevoso 3rd Traber 4th Schlick 5th.

The field took the green flag on Lap 124 with Fogel still at point Chased by Nuti and Nevoso. Schlick went to work on Traber for the 4th position and with 100 laps to go, Traber blew a tire and was forced to pit, giving the position to Schlick.  The car of Gerald Hayes also had to exit to the pits for help. The Grundy Track was almost, too tough to tame.

  We were approaching 80 laps to go and the battle up front was heated but the car of Fogel was able to hold off many challenge by Nuti.  The top two were the only cars on the lead lap at that time and it seemed Nevoso might be having troubles too, as his car was slowing and Schlick was about to overtake him for the 3rd spot. Meanwhile, the car of Jesse Jollie had to exit with problems, short of the mandatory Fuel stop. At the final Break with just 63 laps remaining, Fogel carried the field into the pits as the race leader, Nuti 2nd Nevoso 3rd Schlick 4th  and Watson 5th .  

 When the field emerged from re-fueling.  Nuti was on the point. The car of Gerald Hayes was beside him and Fogel was right behind. They took the green flag at lap 62 and Nuti jumped out to a commanding lead. Schlick took the 3rd spot from Nevoso and the rest of the field shuffled. A determined Fogel pursued Nuti and was closing the gap as Gerald hayes had some problems and was forced to the pits. With just 35 laps to go, Fogel was bumper to bumper with Nuti but couldn’t make the pass.  Both drivers were giving it their all and Fogel brushed the wall a few times with a heated effort to make the pass. With 28 to go, Schlick had some car troubles,  forcing him into the pits and giving the third spot back to Nevoso, Watson was 4th and Galloway was 5th . As they came to the 10 laps to go, the lapped traffic was playing a part in the story. Both, Nuti and Fogel were dodging in and out of cars but keeping pace with one another. With just 7 laps to go, Fogel went strong into turn 3 and got a fender under Nuti  for the race lead but Nuti didn’t give him much room and their cars touched, sending both spinning towards the infield. Each driver was able to keep his car under control and race back onto the track, just ahead of oncoming traffic.  With 6 laps remaining, Nuti was able to pull out to a 2 car length lead  over Fogel who was not able to  make another run for the win. As they crossed the finish line. It was, Ryan Nuti 1st, Mark Fogel 2nd, Tom Nevoso 3rd Mike Watson 4th Gerry Galloway 5th Jay Lebrun 6th Darryl Traber 7th Matt Schlick 8th Erich Iverson 9thBrad Jones 10th Gerald hayes 11th Jesse Jollie 12th Louis Chatroop 13th John Miller 14th Julie hayes 15th Ken Childre 16th  and Ken Hocking 17th

Ryan Nuti and Matt Born win the action packed Mac Tools /Sevcik Motorsports 250, Gladiator Endurance Auto Racing Event at the Rockford Speedway.

   June 12th Rockford Speedway.  21 cars started the Main event with former champion, Darryl Traber taking the early lead followed by David Domingues and Mike Watson.  On Lap 13, as the entire field jockeyed for positions, the car of Leonard Grolaue had a steering box failure, sending him hard into the turn 1 wall .  His car, bounced off the wall and back across the traffic coming out of turn 2 where he collected Mike Watson. Both cars crashed together, scattering debris everywhere. The race was Red Flagged so that the racing surface could be cleaned and both cars could be removed from the track .

 On the restart, Traber was 1st , Matt Schlick  2nd, Jay Lebrun  3rd and Steve Nicklaus  4th.   As the leaders worked through slower traffic, Mark Fogel moved into 4th , as he  was one of the favorites of the race.   Ryan Nuti, who was also, a favorite, cautiously worked  through traffic from his last place starting position.

On Lap 35 Nicklaus broke a front brake rotor but managed to drive his car into the pits as his teammate, Ken Childre ,also had troubles, blowing a head gasket on lap 40 and forcing him to quit for the day.

 Meanwhile Traber was moving through the field quickly and had caught the car of Nuti on lap 45 , to place him a lap down, However; Traber couldn’t make the pass.

 On Lap 50 Gerry Galloway moved into 4th  sending Jay Lebrun back a spot, Fogel  remained running 3rd.  with Schlick  still running 2nd.  All the leaders were moving through lapped traffic quickly but they were only 15 laps shy of the first fuel stop.

Louis Chatroop had become one of the faster cars in the race at that point, moving into 4th on lap 70 sending Galloway back to 5th. At the Same time, we had a battle for the lead between Traber and Schlick .

On lap 83 , the Caution flag was displayed for the mandatory Fuel stop and as they entered the pits it was #1 traber, 2 Schlick, 3 Fogel, 4 Chatroop, and 5 Nuti.

   On the restart, Schlick lead the field to the green with Fogel running 2nd, Traber in 3rd  and Louis Chatroop in 4th  . At lap 90, Fogel took the lead and Schlick stayed right on his bumper. Chatroop took over 3rd and the Fight for 4th heated up on lap 95 , as Nuti battled Traber for the spot.   Lap 100-150 seen many problems start to occur with cars in the field, Blown engines, and flat tires caused  several drivers to exit for repairs and this opened the door for many drivers to finish well, John Miller and Tom Nevoso moved into the top 8.

 On lap 143 David Domingues and John Miller spun  and then a few Laps Later, Gerry Galloway and (Big Al) Kuphal crashed hard into the outside turn 3 wall .Gerry Galloway was able to continue BUT the red Flag was displayed so that Big Al’s car could be removed from the track.

As the race resumed, it was Fogel, Schlick, Chatroop and Nuti top four and it stayed that way heading into the final fuel stop with 83 laps to go.

  When the field came to take the green for the final segment, Ryan Nuti had come to the front row because of a great stop and service from his Pit crew. Matt Schlick was beside him on the front row, Chatroop and Fogel in the second row, Traber and Nevoso in the third row. As the cars started down the back stretch to take the green, Matt Schlick’s car seemed to be down on power, jumbling up the restart and giving a5 car advantage to Nuti. Fogel quickly moved into second  with Chatroop close behind. A short time later, Schlick exited the race because of engine troubles.

  With 40 laps to go, Nuti was entering heavy lapped traffic and Fogel was closing the gap. Each time Fogel would get close to strike, Nuti would find an escape through some lapped traffic. With 10 laps to go, Nuti had a 4 car advantage on Fogel but Fogel had his worries being pressured by Chatroop  for the 2nd spot . Those two were bumper to bumper the remainder of the race. When the checkered flag was raised, Ryan Nuti was Victorious. Mark Fogel was 2nd. Louis Chatroop 3rd, Darryl traber 4th and Tom Nevoso 5th .   Additional: Matt Born  was 17th overall, but claimed 1st place in the Outlaw stock Class

Finishing order

1 Ryan Nuti,2 Mark Fogel,3 Louis Chatroop,4 Darryl Traber,5 Tom Nevoso,6 John  Miller7 Jay Lebrun,8 Jesse Jollie,9 Miles Bradley,10 Gerald Hayes,11 David Domingues ,12 Gerry Galloway ,13 Matt Schlick, 14 Brad Jones, 15 (Big Al) Kuphal ,16Mark Tomasi ,17 Matt Schlick 18.Ken Childre ,19 Steve Nicklaus , 20 Mike Watson, 21Leonard Grolaue


Leo Bujak and Brad Nelson claim first wins in the Emil’s Garage/Rick’s Towing 125, Gladiator Endurance Auto Racing Small Car Event at Rockford Speedway

Sunday June 12, 2011, Rockford Speedway.

The Gladiator Endurance Racing Series made its one and only visit to the famed Rockford Speedway. The too tough to tame, high banked quarter mile short track, provided a no holds barred atmosphere, for the action packed 125 lap small car endurance race.

Jasper Drengler lead the mixed batch of Warrior 4’s and Mad Max 6’s to the green flag and immediately a tight battle developed for second with Evan Townsend taking the spot from Kyle Padfield.  Townsend took over the lead on lap 27 with, Drengler remaining in second and Kyle Padfield third. Starting two laps down, because of a rules infraction, Dells winner and race favorite, Mark Johler pushed through the field and passed Townsend to get one of his laps back. Meanwhile, Leo Bujak was calmly making his way to the front battling Matt Skarzynski for the fourth spot on lap 60 and moving into third on lap 70 when he overtook Kyle Padfield. Townsend continued to lead at lap 85 as Bujak grabbed second from Drengler pushing Padfield back to the fourth spot in a tight battle with Skarzynski. Continuing to make up ground, Johler was passing Randy Padfield to take over the sixth spot. Skarzynski grabbed fourth from Kyle Padfield on Lap 88 and Johler was poised to take both of those spots a few laps later. Johler made the pass on Skarzinski  to take over third on lap 90.

With 30 laps to go, Evan Townsend  was leading, with Leo Bujak in second and Mark Johler now in third. With 22 laps to go, Townsend had mechanical problems and was forced to exit the race, leaving Bujak in the lead and Johler about one-half lap behind.  With 15 laps to go, Bujak encountered heavy lapped traffic, allowing Johler  to gain ground fast and with three laps to go, Johler was within striking distance . The lapped traffic was set to play an evident role in the outcome of the race.

As the white flag dropped the duo of Johler and Bujak entered turn one side by side  and  shot down the back stretch, quickly approaching  KylePadfield’s car, which was one lap down to the leaders. Bujak and Johler split Padfield entering turn three, with Bujak high, Johler low,  and Padfield in the middle. All three  cars came racing out of turn four making contact, as Bujak bounced off the outside retaining wall  then striking Padfield. In an accordion effect Padfield bounces off Bujak, Johler bounced off Padfield and then Padfields car slingshot and crashed into the wall just short of the finish line.  After the dust cleared, Leo Bujak  claimed the checkered flag just ahead of Johler for the win. Overall sixth place finisher Brad Nelson would be credited with winning the Mad Max 6 division.

Finishing order: 1. Leo Bujak, 2. Mark Johler, 3.Jasper Drengler, 4.Kyle Padfield, 5.Randy Padfield, 6.Brad Nelson, 7 James Gagliani, 8.Matt Skarzynski, 9.Evan Townsend, 10.Allan Bartels, 11.Tyler Andrus, 12.Tommy Goedert, 13. Devon Dixon.


The Gladiator Endurance Auto Racing Series(Formerly known as The Midwest Enduro Series)

Welcome Auto Racing Enthusiasts. This auto racing series is here to provide and to promote grass roots style stock car racing. We want to discover and develop new drivers and fans, which will translate into better and more exciting racing events. We will also focus on keeping costs down for the race competitors and giving more entertainment value for everyone.

The Gladiator Endurance Auto Racing Series, formerly known as The Midwest Enduro Stock Car Series has had many drivers and crews go on to great success in other venues of auto racing. We believe all former competitors will credit this type of racing with providing the most experience any driver or crew can obtain within the sport. This Series wants this concept to remain a significant part of stock car racing into the future.

Our objectives are simple: To create a way for the average man/woman who has limited finances, to participate in and have an equal chance of winning each race event. We will work with each race team by providing tech support for the drivers and crew in the form of advice, counsel, set up tips and tricks and we will provide a full auto racing experience for the race fan with ride along programs, rent-a-rides and in car video. We want to encourage each and every race competitor and fan to come and experience the new... Gladiator Endurance Auto Racing Series.

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